Monday, August 7, 2017


It’s been a long/short 2 years serving in Ghana..
I’ll save the long story for when I get home... this will actually be my last email home so no emails next week. But you are definitely INVITED to come and visit me in the house Wednesday going. I’ll be in another cultural shock...just the other way around then how it was 2 years ago. 
But as it’s my last week, we have a lot of traveling to do which takes up most of my time for proselyting this week. 
Today we're in Accra to the mission home to sleep over for the devotional with Elder Renlund tomorrow.

And then the rest of the week is traveling, traveling and then next week will also be more traveling!!

Let me just briefly share with you my testimony!!

I know God the Father and his beloved son Jesus Christ LIVE!!!
They love each and every one of us. 
I know The Church and the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to this earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. God chose him to be an instrument in bringing back the truth. 
I know the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Combined with the Holy Bible, we are shown the true Gospel of Christ.
I know that President Thomas S. Monson is God’s chosen Prophet on the earth at this time. As we "Follow the Prophet" we will be shown the way we need to go to help us come closer to our Heavenly father.
I KNOW the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real!! I LOVE IT!! I use it, because I'm not perfect but I'm grateful our Father in Heaven sent his Son to this earth so that we might know the way to follow. 

Thanks to everyone for the support you've given me over the last 2 years!! I really appreciate it!! May God continue to bless all of you!!! 

Hope to see ya next week!!!!



Monday, July 31, 2017

Hey Y’all!!
Well another week gone by. Things are starting to seem more and more real.
This week we had some better luck in finding more people to teach.
We’ve really been searching for new people and our mission president told us we should look at the unbaptized list in the branch. So we did and we were able to locate a family in the branch that actually has a son on a mission. The father and one of the sons are baptized members, but from his family we’ve met 3 of his children who have not been baptized.  Now we’re teaching all the family and things are going really great! They all came to church on Sunday which was so great to see.

Fransisca is progressing well. She's going to be baptized on the 11th of AUG. Wow...tomorrow is AUG!!! COOL!!!

This last week we also had our Multi Zone conference and it was a special one to me because i was able to share my testimony!! Kind of a touching moment...but I didn’t cry. ha ha

You know what...I was thinking this week. We were sitting with the Ahorsu family (the new family we met) this week and one of the young boys asked us a question as we were sharing with them the First vision. He asked "did Joseph smith really see God and Jesus Christ?"..
And to have the ability to quickly reply and say to him with all my Heart! "Yes, I testify to you that Joseph Smith saw our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ” was such a great feeling!! I’ve come to love testifying of that truth! Because I do know that it is true!!
And having that knowledge brings me happiness.  I know where I can find the truth.
I hope we all have the ability to testify of that truth to our friends and family members. I've learned on my mission, if it really means something to you, stand up for it!'

Well this will be my last full week of proselyting. Next week we do a lot of traveling to Accra and back to the bush and back to Accra as my mission comes to a close!!
Hope y’all have a great week!
Love and miss y’all!

Elder Morris

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hey y’all!!

It’s been a while!! Well this is week 4 or 6... And ALL IS WELL!!!

There’s really not much to share. My companion was made the branch executive secretary so we could help the Asuom branch progress to become a ward when the district becomes a stake.

We're still searching for people to teach. It’s becoming really hard as not a lot of people are not in the house in the mornings because they all go to the farm. And those who are home are 60-100 years old and don’t speak a lick of English...but that’s OKAY!! We have a couple people we're preparing for Baptism on the 11th of August, right before coming home. We're teaching this young 13 year old girl who is just a DOLL!!!Her name is Fransisca. She doesn’t like speaking English. She can read though...but she’s just a small shy little girl who likes to laugh a lot. We enjoy teaching her. She’s living with some members so it’s helping her to progress really well.

This week we'll have our Multi Zone conference. I’ll have another opportunity to share my testimony with everyone there. And then in 2 weeks we'll be going to Accra to meet an Apostle at the temple site. Elder Renlund. That'll be cool!!!

Well thanks for y’alls support! Love and miss y’all!
Have a great week!

Elder Morris

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hey Mama!!!
Good to know all is well back home! Its sounds like The week was good! I hope Elle enjoyed her time at EFY!
Well Elder Bawden is here and we're having a great time together! It feels good just to be able to talk about anything and you're able to relate to someone. We kinda had a slow week. On tuesday i waitied for Elder B to come to Asuom. It takes forever to travel out here. Then wednesday went back to Accra for MLC. Slept over!! HAD AN AMAZING NIGHT in a AC home. Stuffed myself with Mashed potatos and curry, Then afterwards ate some Icecream with chocolate syrup.. HOLY HOLY HOLY cow!!! i had a big stomach ache afterwards hahahaha CANT WAIT TO BE HOME!!!
We're having a hard time right now in the Area..Mostly because we dont really have people to teach. Although, WE had an old investigator come back from travel. And 1 member has a young daughter that in in town that he wants baptized. So we could have at least 3 baptisms before i come home! But we'll see.
MOM....Im really excited to come home hahaha I just received my real flight itinerary last thursday and a "TO DO LIST" from the Mission home couples before i go...Sooo they said i should Inform yall about my travel plans
Ill be going to Amsterdam, to minneapolis to DALLAS!! and i should be home around 3:30 on WEDNESDAY THe 16th of AUG.
Next is to schedule with the stake president about my release. Would you mind setting it up and see what time on Wednesday i'll be able to be released??!!

I dont know if you're as excited as i am but im kinda FREAKIN OUT!!!!! Everyday it feels more real. But i also feel like ill never be leaving Ghana.. Its almost like a dream to travel back to the USA.

Well theres not much going on here. Just waiting for The 4th week for multi zone conferences. And on my last week we'll be going to Accra to meet Elder Renlund of the quorum of the 12. Pretty cool!!! Oh SOS!!! is there any chance to put a little extra money in my account?? I decided ill finish getting all my things when we visit the Art Market right before i leave. But idk how much everything will cost. If you just put in about 50-100$ it should be okay.
I've been meaning to ask you to do that for weeks but everytime i forget!
Thanks mama!! I love you very much!! I cant wait to see you!!
oh P.s..
Just you know what i'll be doing for transport when i get home?? (dad getting me a car or..) just wondering hahahaha not that i care to much right now. just curious!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Whats up guys!!!! Well this is the start of my last 6 weeks!! Im really excited!! And i have great things to look forward to in these last 6 weeks!
Elder Msomi is officially gone, now down to my last comp!  And guess what!! HES AN AMERICAN!!!! AHHHHHH hahaha Im really really excited to finally have an american as my companion. Hes from Utah(of course) His name is Elder Bawden. I know at least one person on this Email list who has heard of him!
Last week we had a great opportunity to attend the temple with the District. There were to many members for the missionaries to do a session so we helped out with baptisms and Confirmations, Which i enjoyed doing so much!!! I was one of the baptist and probably baptized up to 100 names for 20 different people. Pretty cool!!
Testimony Sunday was also pretty good!! I took a little insight from one of the missionaries in my apartment. In his testimony he explained that He's never heard of Christ performing a miracle for himself. But that he always did miracles for others. He was always blessing or healing others. And i thought how that relates to us missionaries. If you think about it for the last 2 years or 18 months we have been blessing other peoples lives. Having miracles happen for those we come in contact with as we share this wonderful gospel with them. It really hit me that these 2 years on mission is just a small taste(if you allow it to be) of living a literal "Christ like Life!". At least trying to be as he was. Blessing and healing those around us. Just thought that was pretty cool.
This week we'll have MLC. Last one on mission which means ill be bearing my testimony with other members of my MTC group. OH its soo real now!! Althought i still feel i have about 6 months left.. I cant see me going home. I just feel as if ill be stuck here in Ghana forever haha
Well i hope ever one has a great weeek!! Thanks for your support and love you continue to send!!
Love Yall
Elder Morris!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Well hello again! What a great week we had here in the Bush of Ghana!
This week has flown by just like all the others. We were very grateful to have a total of 6 baptisms in the Asuom branch this last Friday!! 3 per Companion ship.
Elder Msomi and I baptized Justice, Henry and Sis Bridget!!! It was soo cool to have so many of Gods children dressed in white and receiving their salvation! On Sunday we were a little worried they might not make it to church on time so we passed by all of their houses to make sure they'd be on time. And they were!! I was fortunate to be able to perform the Confirmation for Sis Bridget! What a great experience that was!
Now we'll be spending a lot of time finding new people for my last transfer!
This is Elder Msomis last week with me! He'll be going home next week. This will also be a quick week as we get to look forward to attending a District Temple trip on Saturday! We have to leave Asuom at 4 am!!! O.O zzzzz
Elder Msomi will bring all his bags with him to the temple and afterwards leave me to go with the APs. (Farewell Companion) And ill bring back one of the missionaries in our zone whos companion is also going home next week. Until next Tuesday when i get my new and last companion! 
Thats weird to say!!
Great story this week!  
Before i start, just know its been raining almost everyday for 3 weeks!
We, Elder Stilson ( missionary in Asuom with me) and I had to travel down to one of our zone areas, Asunafo, for a baptismal interview and for Elder Stilson to translate(sign language) a ordination to the priesthood for a deaf man in the area.
Well we were told by the senior couple missionary that there was a river that had flooded and no one was able to drive in or out of the small village. So he told us "bring some shorts cuz you got to get out there!!"
We did as he said and once getting to the river we were required to walk through this 100 yard river to get to our baptismal interviews. Luckily it wasnt to deep. Just a little past my knee. What a awesome experience tho! I was scared we might run into a giant snake, because i've heard stories of them out here in the bush!! Well we did that journey twice! Pretty cool!
I thank everyone who continues to encourage me!! i hope yall have a great week! Love and miss yall!!
Elder Morris