Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 I'm in Ansaful

Helloooo friends and family!!
So transfers came and here's what I've been up to this past week.
I was sent to a area near Winneba (which we were just assigned from another mission) called Ansaful. To be honest, it reminds me of a small Arizona city. So it kinda feels like home.

We arrived to the apartment, which is very nice, it used to be a sisters apartment so it's very clean and big, but it's huge because there's only 2 of us in it.

My new companion is Elder Sakala from Zimbabwe. He's a cool guy, but keeps to himself. I guess you could say he's pretty quiet. Being in a 2 man apartment is hard though. So far I've not had to do that. Anyway, so guess who's district I'm in now??? ELDER BARR!! It was so good to see him again.
Teaching this week has gone well. We have a few people planning to be baptized this next Saturday but we have a water problem so we might get to go to the beach and baptize them in the ocean which would be very cool! Elder Barr just had a baptism there last week.

Speaking of  no water, we don't have running water from the city so we haven't been able to shower using the tap. So we have used pure waters which are like a small bag with water in it. It doesn't really help much but it's all we have so we're making do.

There is also a college campus here in Winneba so there's a lot of students around and it makes church fun because we have people around our age that bring their friends to church. It's really going to help us find people to teach.

I've seen a lot of humble people that we are teaching and really believe our message that we share so it's great to see that. The ward is also very helpful! They take good care of us missionaries. Every Sunday night one of the bishops in the ward invites all 6 of us, in the district, to come and eat at their place which is actually right across from our apartment. It's great to be together and talk about the work in our area.

Today (preparation day) we went to the beach and played football!! We had a great time and also caught some crabs. We thought about boiling them but the Africans said they were poisonous. I used a bunch  of sunscreen but some how I managed to get a terrible sunburn!!! My face now looks like a tomato..:(  It hurts too! haha

I'll be hitting my 6 months on the mission this week! It's hard to believe.! Elder Wilcox(in my district and with me at the MTC, also from Texas) Are going to celebrate together by eating at this chicken and chips place later this week.

As for the spiritual experience this week, let me share a story about young girl named Princess (she's 16). She is a recent convert and she lives far from the chapel (5 miles). She shared with us her testimony of the temple and because I love the temple so much it really touched me!! There's no doubt in my mind that the temple is the house of the Lord and the closest place on earth that we can feel as if we are in heaven! I felt inspired to give her my 2Ghc (money) for her transport to come to church. Usually we don't do that, but I was so touched and she said she hadn't been to church for weeks because of transport money. She had the opportunity this week to attend and let me just say, you should've seen the smile on her face as she walked into the building on Sunday! It was priceless!
I know this church is true! I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I love it so much! I want all my friends and family to be able to come to know the truthfulness of it as well!

I love and miss y'all so much!

Elder Morris!
sorry if some of this is out of order. My English is getting bad! I'm starting to speak broken English because of the Ghanaians! hahaha 

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