Monday, February 1, 2016

So, I have only a little news...all of our investigators that were set for baptism didn't come to church last week and we have a mission rule that requires them to come to church at least 3 times before being baptized. So E. may not be getting baptized this week. P. hasn't been in town for the last 2 weeks so things with her are not progressing. E. still isn't sure about changing churches. That is something we see often here in Ghana. They don't want to disappoint their pastor even though the spirit has taught them truth. 

There is another guy we met this week that moved here from Tema. He had been taking the missionary lessons with the sisters there. We taught him this week and hopefully he will continue to progress. 

We contacted a new investigator this week. She asked if we could come back each day to teach her. Again, she is very interested in learning but she sings in the choir at her current church. We'll see how it goes. Sorry not much else to share. No pictures this week again. The cafe doesn't have the capacity for me to upload my photos. :(

Thanks for the love and prayers!
love and miss you mama!

Elder Morris!!

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