Tuesday, December 6, 2016

As always another quick week gone by!
This last week was transfer news... I’m staying in Ofankor along with my Companion, Elder Kabwika and Elder Wiscombe. Who is now with another American! I’m actually excited because it the first time like 10 months I’m in an apartment with 2 Americans!!!
This week is The Ghana Elections so it’s a strange week. We've been asked to stay in on Thursday when the Result come out so nothing bad happens! Hopefully everything is peaceful!!!

I’ll just jump right to the week. We didn’t do much with our investigators this week because we were trying to spread the Light the World Program with the members so we spend most our time trying to find the Members houses. Let see...we also had about3 rain storms this week! The rain came a lot this week because of Harmattan season that is coming in. Dusty Weather from December to February Blahhhh. Cough cough!
Soo it’s getting Super-hot again!! I think the one thing that helps me remember its December is the Small Christmas Tree we have up on our wall. Otherwise id still thinks its Summer time ha-ha
There’s not much to report this week but I’ll just share a small story.
We've been teaching this lady named Lydia. She sells Oranges right across the Chapel here in Ofankor so the Bishop has invited her to Church before and some other members and she has come before. As we were teaching she and we finished the Restoration message we introduced the Book of Mormon to her. After that, she didn’t really want to talk to us at all for about a week or 2. She didn’t want to meet anymore. I could tell she has questions but she would ask. Soo after 2 weeks she allowed us to sit and learn with here again. We started talking about the Plan of Salvation with here and about our Purpose in life. Her husband happened to be there yesterday when we were teaching and he asked if when we were done if he could ask us some questions. We told him he could ask what ever he'd like and we'd be happy to help answer his questions.
He told us he read some things online about the Church and about the Book of Mormon. He told us from what he read he doesn’t believe that what we share is true at all. I somehow got uneasy and spoke up to tell this man." Look everything you read on the internet isn’t true. I told him, you wouldn't go to Judas Iscariot to learn more about Jesus Christ and his Church, Why because you wouldn’t get a correct answer!!" The same goes for people who ask unreliable sources about the Church of Jesus Christ today. They won’t tell you the truth.
It kind of upset me a little yesterday because so many people around the world don’t go through the time to ask members of the Church about what we believe, instead they go to sources where they don’t get the truth and then have wrong impressions.
I hope if anyone has question about The Church or missionary service or anything will seek a reliable resource so you may know the truth. We believe in God the Eternal Father and in his Son Jesus Christ and In the Holy Ghost.
I know that God and Jesus Christ Live and Love us SOOO Much!! We are his Children! The Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless us as we live it! It can bless our family’s more then we know.
I love our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, I love God! I’m grateful for this time to serve him on my mission and to bring Families together!
"A missionary is someone who leaves his/her family for 2 years/ 18 months so other can be with their family forever!!"
It was great hearing from everyone this week!! I hope you have another great one!!!
May God bless you all!!

With Love
Elder Morris

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