Saturday, December 3, 2016

Birthdays on the Mission

(Posting this for Garrett's Mission Book) Sister Munro came from New Zealand in July with the new Mission President. She has been an absolute ANGEL! She emails all mothers every time a package or letter arrives for their missionary. She has been so diligent about keeping me in the loop. It's made such a big difference. In early November she told me she was going to be spending the day with Elder Morris (Dec. 3rd) because she also shared a birthday with him. Here is the note she sent me today about their birthday lunch!

Hi dear Sister Morris

Thank you for the beautiful card you sent for my birthday. The sentiments you expressed touched me greatly and I really appreciate you for saying those kind things. We have had a lovely afternoon. I will let Elder Morris send you the pictures – just know it was fun and relaxing and delicious!!!!! We wondered where each of us would be for our next birthday!???? 

Thank you for sharing your son with us. He is such a great young man. You can be very proud of him – he is everything you would want him to be – what a credit to you he is!!! J  There are quite a few things about Elder Morris that I appreciate: he is rock solid and dependable for one; his warmth is genuine – he truly relates to people and cares for them; he is aware of those around him – their needs and feelings – that is why he makes such a good Zone Leader; his laugh is infectious and he is very nice to be around. I could go on – but I’m sure you know all of this already as his mum!!!!! J

Thank you again for making our birthdays so special.

Love to you and your family. Enjoy the pictures!!!! J

Sister Munro
Ghana Accra West Mission
# 3 Coco Palms, Cantonments
Accra, Ghana
233 544 348 840

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  1. Sister Munro is wonderful for keeping you in the loop and I know it was sweet to hear all the ways Elder Morris continues to build a fine character. That is music to Mum's ears (and Grandmum's).