Monday, May 8, 2017

Bush Life

Hey y’all!! It’s been a while! Welcome to the Ghana Bush life!! Ha ha

We're still traveling every day to our area which is putting a lot of stress on the body. I guess not stress but just exhaustion! They mission office told us we should be moving into our new apartment in Asuom but I don’t know how true that is?! It would make the work easier and help us focus more on the members in our branch there.

I’ve been told that today I have 100 days left on my mission. That is crazy!! How does time go this fast?? I still remember coming on a mission and people saying "your mission will go fast." I didn’t believe them until now!

There are a lot of minty brofo people in Asuom, meaning…they don’t speak English. That’s a big struggle because we always need a translator now to teach people. 

This last week we actually went back down to Ofankor for a multi Zone conference And guess who I got to see a again!!? Sister Divya!!! It was so great! I'd say she’s one of the greatest friends I’ve made on my mission. Now her kids call me “Uncle Morris”. We were able to chat small and catch up. I wish I could go back to Winneba (first area) and see the twins and family we baptized!

Thanks for the emails! Love and miss y’all!!
Have a great week,
Elder Morris

 (I have no idaea what's going on here?) Nikki

 Rainy day P-day soccer

 Sister Divya and our handshake

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