Monday, July 10, 2017

Hey Mama!!!
Good to know all is well back home! Its sounds like The week was good! I hope Elle enjoyed her time at EFY!
Well Elder Bawden is here and we're having a great time together! It feels good just to be able to talk about anything and you're able to relate to someone. We kinda had a slow week. On tuesday i waitied for Elder B to come to Asuom. It takes forever to travel out here. Then wednesday went back to Accra for MLC. Slept over!! HAD AN AMAZING NIGHT in a AC home. Stuffed myself with Mashed potatos and curry, Then afterwards ate some Icecream with chocolate syrup.. HOLY HOLY HOLY cow!!! i had a big stomach ache afterwards hahahaha CANT WAIT TO BE HOME!!!
We're having a hard time right now in the Area..Mostly because we dont really have people to teach. Although, WE had an old investigator come back from travel. And 1 member has a young daughter that in in town that he wants baptized. So we could have at least 3 baptisms before i come home! But we'll see.
MOM....Im really excited to come home hahaha I just received my real flight itinerary last thursday and a "TO DO LIST" from the Mission home couples before i go...Sooo they said i should Inform yall about my travel plans
Ill be going to Amsterdam, to minneapolis to DALLAS!! and i should be home around 3:30 on WEDNESDAY THe 16th of AUG.
Next is to schedule with the stake president about my release. Would you mind setting it up and see what time on Wednesday i'll be able to be released??!!

I dont know if you're as excited as i am but im kinda FREAKIN OUT!!!!! Everyday it feels more real. But i also feel like ill never be leaving Ghana.. Its almost like a dream to travel back to the USA.

Well theres not much going on here. Just waiting for The 4th week for multi zone conferences. And on my last week we'll be going to Accra to meet Elder Renlund of the quorum of the 12. Pretty cool!!! Oh SOS!!! is there any chance to put a little extra money in my account?? I decided ill finish getting all my things when we visit the Art Market right before i leave. But idk how much everything will cost. If you just put in about 50-100$ it should be okay.
I've been meaning to ask you to do that for weeks but everytime i forget!
Thanks mama!! I love you very much!! I cant wait to see you!!
oh P.s..
Just you know what i'll be doing for transport when i get home?? (dad getting me a car or..) just wondering hahahaha not that i care to much right now. just curious!

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