Monday, October 5, 2015

Monkey business!

Another week gone by and it's definitely been an interesting one! We had lights off (no power) quite a few times this week so I had the chance to take my first bucket shower! Holy cow it was freezing!! I haven't had a warm shower since I've been out of the MTC. 

Anyway some more weird things happened this far while I've been in Ghana I've had 3 different women/ teen girls ask if they could marry me?! What?. Haha During a lesson this week I was holding our investigators baby then my companion turned the time over to me to start teaching about the restoration when suddenly I started feeling something warm on my leg. At first I didn't think much of it but then the heat started going further down my leg. I lift the baby up and what do you know A BIG OLD spot of pee alllll over my leg!!! So then, after waiting another hour to finish our lesson we headed home for lunch. And on the way home we were nearly ran over by some cows! Along with all this, I had a dog chase me while ridding my bike this week! Whew! Adventures in Ghana!

On Thursday, my companion Elder Jessee, had to go to a meeting with another elder in our apartment so I went on splits with Elder Paddon, who's a very good missionary. He's only one transfer (6 weeks) ahead of me. (He's from California) We went out to teach some lessons in my area which is a pretty big area and after we taught a lesson on the way back to the house we found a pet monkey!! His name was Mismos. He eats yogurt and bananas. He was so cute haha 

Some cool things this week. I got a letter from Elder Kaden Morris! Let me just say I miss that guy so much! It made me so happy to come home after a strange day and find a letter sitting on my desk. So please if you ever have free time, I'd love letters from everyone who reads this!! They make missionaries very happy!! I think I was so excited to hear from Kaden because I feel like I don't even really know who he is! haha 4 years with out seeing him is gonna be tough :/ 
Elder  Esplin gave me a haircut this week. It's not too bad.  Something cool...we have this young investigator whose name is Chelsey! He came to church on Sunday by himself (side note kids take taxis by themselves all the time here!)  After church he ran up to me and said "so when are you going to baptize me??" I thought it was so great that he has a desire to be baptized so I told him real soon! We have to start teaching him the discussions first though. 

This week I read more about the importance of temple attendance. You never really know how much you miss the temple until you're not able to go to it for 6 months at a time.(my situation) but I know that it's the most important place we can go to on earth. The peace that I feel while in the temple is absolutely amazing!! I wouldn't mind living there. I feel safe from everything else that happens in the outside world. In Ghana, I never know what's gonna happen to me. When I'm on the temple grounds I feel safe from everything. President Ezra Taft Benson, in his teachings of the prophets book says "I promise you that with increased attendance in the temples of our God, you shall receive increased personal revelation to bless your life as you bless the lives of those who have died. Temples are places of personal revelation. Do we return to the temple often to receive the personal blessings that come from regular temple worship? Prayers are answered, revelation occurs, and instruction by the spirit takes place in the holy temples of the lord. Let us make the temple a sacred home away from our eternal home."

For those who live very close to the temple (BYU students/ family, anyone in Utah) even back home in Texas) I encourage you to go to the temple more often. If I was home I'd make it a goal to go at least once a week! I know it will bless your life as you give those who have died the opportunity to accept the sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father! 

That's it for this week. We have another baptism scheduled for this coming Sunday and then transfers are next week so I'll find out Saturday what's happening. I'm guessing I'll probably be staying here because Elder Jessee is going home. This was a short 4 week transfer but the next one will be an 8 week transfer which puts us all the way in to December. 

Love and miss everyone!! Please send letters!!! :D 
Love, Elder Morris 

Scripture case

Pounding foo-foo

Hair cut from Elder Esplin


Elder Obasogie

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