Monday, October 12, 2015

I Bless the Rains Down in Africa!

Alrighty, here goes...
Another week under my belt. I was able to perform my first baptism on Sunday for a young girl named Abigail. It was really great. 

So some updates on Chelsey. He continues coming to church but we've only had a few lessons with him. He's diffidently ready to be baptized but one problem is we need his mother to come to church or else he can't be baptized. Its really risky to baptize young children unless they have someone they can depend on to bring them to church. We also have a mission rule that an investigator has to come to church 3 time before being baptized to make sure they are committed. So we'll continue to work with them.

This week is transfers. My companion Elder Jessee will be going home! He's completed his 2 years! I'll be getting an African Elder to finish up my training in my same area. He's from the Congo. I guess he's learning English or has been. He's been out over a year on his mission. So that means I'll be here through December. Oh, we were told that a General Authority is coming to visit all missionaries on October 27-31st so that's exciting. We don't know yet who will be coming. 
Elder Jessee going home Ghana style

A crazy part of this week! We've been meeting with an investigator and found out after teaching her several lessons that she has already been baptized. She said she stopped going because she was offended from a family in the ward. But she wants to go to the temple and so now we are changing our teaching to help her understand that people make mistakes but that the gospel is perfect. We hope she will come back.

Also it rained this week which was really nice! We went out to teach, biking in the rain which was fun but trying to do wash this morning wasn't because I had to scrub out all the mud on the back of my white shirt! ha ha ha They were a mess! When we arrived home that day, one of the seasoned elders gave me a tip. He said, "In Ghana, you can't go teach in the rain! 1. Because everyone sleeps when it rains here and 2. because if they are awake, they don't want to talk because they don't want to get wet. (Most all of our lessons are outside the persons house. When it rains here it floods because of all the trash in the gutters.)
Muddy shirt...Pday wash should be fun!

These are the gutters that flood.

Ok here's something crazy...there's a pastor in the Accra area, kinda where I'm at, named pastor Chris. You wont believe this but he went to BYU and took a Book of Mormon class and then came to Ghana and started his own church!  

This week we've had a lot of food to eat because Elder Jessee is leaving so many families have fed us. I had this huge bowl of FUFU this week... man I'm surprised I finished it! I actually said a prayer to myself to help me finish the food and not feel sick. By the end of the fufu I started gagging because I had eaten so much.

Thats about it for this week! hope thing are good for you all.
Love and miss y'all
-Elder Morris 

p.s. I'll send a separate email describing the pictures I will send. I'm sure it's nice to have you home Kaden!
 Rain down in Africa 

These 2 pictures show how we had to fill the font this week! 

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