Monday, October 19, 2015

Tender Mercies

Hello All-
So this week's email will be a little short because I don't have much time!
Transfers came this week so I'm now with Elder Zounmenou! He's only been out for 10 months but he is a great missionary!

So with Chelsey, his mom didn't come to church again this week so we'll have to start pushing back his baptism date. 

A little story for this week because I'm not sure what else to email about ha ha

This week was really kind of hard for me. My trainer/and companion (Elder Jessee) as well as another Elder in our apartment left for home this transfer. They talked a lot about home and after it made me homesick. I've really been missing my older brother a lot this week. Sunday morning, I just kinda got upset thinking about it and then before I ate breakfast I was saying my prayer and I included asking for comfort and the ability to lose this homesickness. Anyway... after the prayer I turned on some music and "Abide with Me tis' Eventide" came on. I started getting teary eyed and then I looked down at my fork... and you won't believe me but engraved on the fork were the words "I Love You"! What a comfort that was to see those words. God truly works in mysterious ways to show each of us His love. While I miss everyone back home, I know that God is with me! I'm not the only missionary going through these struggles. 

Again I have some really cool people in my apartment that are helping me feel better! A new Elder who has been out for about 2 months is Elder Barr (He's from Rexburg, ID) he's been a huge help. We talk with each other a lot. He's given me some great tips for teaching and he is a good listener. He's helping me get through my struggles. 

I gave my first hair cut this week! ha ha. The other Elders said I did a great job and so now they are telling a bunch of other elders to come to me to get their hair cut. haha  So I guess I should be expecting some appointments next Monday! hahha Aside from my homesickness, everything is going well in Ghana! I love and miss everyone back home so much! 

Love, Elder Morris
please send letters in the mail. That would really make me happy. Thanks

 p.s. I raced my first African and...I won! 

 I saw these stickers on the back of a van this week. Pretty cool huh?!

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