Monday, March 14, 2016

Elder Rasband visits Ghana!

Hello from Africa my family and friends!
This will be a short email this week-
First we had a baptism on Sunday for a man named Amissah (Emenssa) We found out we had been spelling his name wrong all this time. His baptism was such a miracle!! The water was only up to his knees. He's a very short man but we were still concerned that it might take a few times to get him completely immersed. I was praying so hard that the water would be enough and YES, on the first try it surely was. He was so happy about his baptism.
I held a monkey!! So cute!!!!
Today (this is why my email is short, due to time) we went to Accra at 8 am for a mission conference. We met an Apostle of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Elder Rasband! We were given the opportunity to shake his hand as well as receive personal direction and inspired counsel from him! It was an amazing opportunity! We fasted on Sunday for inspiration and answers to any questions we might have. 

I happened to have 3 questions I was pondering this week: 1) Why was I called to this mission 2) What can I learn while being here and 3) How can I keep up my excitement to do the work. Amazingly, I received an answer to all 3 of these questions.

It was amazing to hear an Apostle speak face to face. He was literally 3-feet in front of my face! He boldly testified that he is familiar with the voice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and that he is a special witness of Him. That brought so much JOY to my heart! 

I know that this church is true and that our leaders are called of God. We are called of God, to serve the particular missions we are assigned to, through a living Prophet of God. As we are on our missions we will go through trials and experiences that will help prepare us for the rest of our lives. Perhaps for college, for our relationship with our future spouse, and for future employment. I learned that to build our fire (our desire to serve) we must feed the fire. We do this by gaining more love for our Savior, and master teacher, Jesus Christ. So, how do we do that? We do it by seeking Him, by learning more about Him, his life, and how he dealt with others. We follow how He lived His life!

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know His Church is once again restored to this earth!

I love and miss y'all back home and those of my friends serving missions!

Keep your head up and press forward in faith!


Elder Morris

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