Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7th, 2016 6 MONTHS IN GHANA!!!

Sorry if I didn't write you back today!!! We cafe'd late today so I don't have much time!!! But, let me catch you up from this past week.
I HIT MY 6 Month Mark here in Ghana!!! what a JOY it's been and chi (Ghana word) it's gone by fast!! I can't believe it.

Today for preparation day we, the zone of elders, played in a soccer match against some kids from the college here. Apparently they are a minor league team! I played all the positions besides goalie. It was fun. I was told that I was one of the better white guys playing! ha ha ha The score ended up being 5-2 but...the ELDERS scored first!!!
I want to share a great faith building experience I had this week. We had a great zone training meeting on Tuesday with President Snow, our mission president, which was so insightful and uplifting. You could feel the spirit flowing during the meeting. We took what we learned about having faith to do all things in missionary work and we put it into practice the next day.
We went to go see a member at a small shop she owns. We sat down inside and saw a man and a woman sitting there talking. As we were just chilling in the shade, from the hot Ghana sun, I felt impressed to pull out The Book of Mormon and start reading. I thought to myself, well that's kinda odd, why right now? Then another thought came to my head, just open it and read, someone will ask a question about it. So I did and the spirit directed. I opened up the Book of Mormon to a random page and just started reading. Again, I thought to my self, that's enough nothing is happening. But then I felt prompted to just wait. Sure enough I hear the man speak up from across the room, "Mormon?, whats that?" And then BOOMMM...greatest missionary opportunity I've had yet!!! We started discussing and even made plans to meet with him again!

Brothers, sisters, family and friends,
How great our lives could be if we followed the direction from the spirit every second of the day!!! How grateful I am for the opportunity to serve the Lord at this time!! I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints IS Christ's church on the earth today!! I know God lives as does His son, Jesus Christ! My love for them is strong! I pray that through out this week we may all turn our thoughts towards Christ as we face our various challenges. Through this our faith will grow as we put our trust in Him!

I love and miss y'all so much!!
Have an amazing week!!

Love, Elder Morris

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