Monday, November 28, 2016

First off I just have to let y’all know, next week is Ghana’s Election Day on Tuesday so we'll be doing transfers on Monday which means I won’t email back until Tuesday. So don’t freak out next week if you don’t get my email on Monday because it’ll be coming on Tuesday!! Sweet! Thanks y’all!

Well thank you to all who send their love and support!! I’m so grateful to all of you!!!!
This week was somehow minimal with all our teaching because we had a lot of missionary meetings. Wednesday we had a Multi Zone Conference with the Mission President and his wife! It was really great. Nothing too big, they just wanted to introduce the "Light the World" Program that the Church came out with this year to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. This program is designed to help each and every one of us share the light of Christ that we each have within us!!

I'd love everyone to try and participate in this program, whether you're a member of the church or not!! It’s made for Followers of Jesus Christ and it'll help people see that you follow him and his example!! If you want to know what it is and how to do it visit this site!!
Its starts December 1st so hurry and check it out! I’ve been sharing this program with the members here in our area this last week and every time I talk about it I get really excited because I know how AWESOME it’s going to be to see everyone doing these things that Christ did. Just think about how much you can affect someone’s day by trying to be more like the Savior!!
You know Christ said that he was "the light of the world”. But he also said "Ye are the light of the world" (Watch the small video) Even in the Book of Mormon Christ tell the Nephites "what manner of men ye ought to be, Yea Even as I"

Bring Christ Back into Christmas this year by sharing your light with the world! I know that it'll help you and others feel the Christmas spirit more than ever before!!!!! #LightTheWorld
Can you believe it’s already DECEMBER!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Time is going too fast, I’m enjoying the mission. We've started teaching this lady and her kids that I first met about 11 weeks ago when I first came to my new area Ofankor. Her name is Sis Irean. She has such a great family!! 4 Kids, all under the age of 12.  The oldest is having some mental disabilities but it’s so great every time we come to their house and he always has this big smile on his face!! He definitely brings the spirit to our lessons!! Anyway so the husband is somehow a drunk so he does want to meet with us. But as we've been teaching Sis Irean, we invited her to Church and she came this last week with her kids! I think she had a great time and was able to feel the spirit!! He kids also loved the primary class! She even told us that next week she'd like to try and bring her husband with her to church! She's never been baptized and so we've really been helping her understand about the restoration of the Priesthood Authority and helping her pray to know if Joseph smith was really called as a Prophet of God and if the Authority was really restored through him.
Well Transfers are next week...I’m sure I’ll be staying in my area and might receive a new companion. But idk. Maybe we'll both stay! And I can’t wait to celebrate small on Saturday for my Bday! I can’t believe I’m turning 20! Time fly’s doesn’t it! Hahaha

Thanks to all for the Bday wishes and for all your love and support!
You’re the best!!!
I hope everyone has a great week and don’t forget to share your light with the world!
Remember Jesus love you!!
With love

Elder Morris

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