Monday, November 14, 2016

What a short week!!! 
This week was filled with programs...So here's what happened... In a short email...

Tuesday we went on Exchange with the AP's. I was lucky enough to get to ride in the truck with Elder Martineuo from Utah.

Wednesday we had our District meeting which is always nice to have. It adds to the schedule each week.

Thursday I heard all about Trump winning the election. Oh and MLC

Friday....I can’t even remember! 

Saturday we went on exchanges with one of our District leaders. He had to join me in my area proselyting so I hope he learned something hahaha

Sunday was also a great day! BRO George was baptized!! He seemed happy!! I wish I could send pics but I’m scared to get a virus on my card so y’all will have to wait a little longer!! 

This coming week we'll have another exchange with another District leader (we found a great way to help the zone and make time pass faster each week!)
The Wednesday we're holding our first Zone Training meeting. This will have to give instruction at for our whole zone!! Wish me luck that I don’t mess up to much hahaha. 
We’ll be discussing how to find people to teach through our own efforts and about how we should use the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, in our teaching. As missionaries we're called to teach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon is included (for more info go to
So, it should be interesting. I hope my companion and I are able to help the Zone!

Sorry this week’s email is so short but thanks for the emails and support!!
Have a great week!!
With Love

Elder Morris

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