Monday, November 7, 2016

Well hello again everyone! I hope everyone had a splendid week!

Quick recap of our week: 
We've been doing some more finding (looking for more people to teach) because our teaching pool is low. And it was kind of amazing to see how the Lord really prepares people to receive our message. For some reason i noticed it a lot while we looked for people to teach.

Here are two examples from the week:
We were with a member proselyting and we kind of stopped to get a little snack because of hunger problems! So this lady we were buying from asked the member what we were doing because she thought we ( the missionaries) were tax collectors hahaha Oh that one killed me. So we explained, no we're missionaries from the Latter Day Saint church and told her about the message we share. She was interested to hear more and asked us to sit down. After getting to know each other she explained to us that she doesn’t was to attend her old church anymore but she’s looking for the "truth". So…it was interesting we were able to meet her that day. We haven’t met with her since but hopefully something good can come from it.

A second story- We were teaching this lady and (to help us find more people to teach) we asked her if she knew anyone that would like to hear our message. She gave us a friend of hers across the road. We went to contact her. When she came out we also met one of her friends who, after sitting down with them, said her Grandmother and some other relatives are members of the church in the Eastern region. She’s willing and wanting to learn more about the church. We'll see if these contacts take us anywhere.

This coming week we're planning to have another baptism on Sunday for a guy named George. He was actually baptized 8 years ago but was never confirmed (received the Gift of the Holy Ghost) which is important. You might remember those in the New Testament (Acts ch.19). Many people were baptized by John the Baptist but had never received the Gift of the Holy Ghost so when Paul came and asked them, they're were baptized again and then given the Gift of the Holy Ghost by laying on of hands. 

That will happen on Sunday for George. But before then we have a crazy week coming up.
Tuesday we’ll be going on exchanges with the AP's (assistant to the President) and election...So 
Wednesday I’ll be bugged by every Ghanaian about the US Election.

Thursday we have Mission Leadership Counsel
Friday...I don’t know yet
Saturday...Hey…did I mention I’m teaching some youth a Mission Prep class?? Yeah it’s crazy! 
Then it'll be Sunday again!! What a great quick week!!

Well that’s about it for now!! Thanks for all your emails and support this week!! 
Have a great week!
Good luck with the Election America…

Elder Morris

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