Monday, March 20, 2017


Well a little more productive week. Well the ending was more productive.

As y’all may know, we've been struggling to find people to teach so my emails haven’t been very lively. Well nothing to big this week but we were able to find more and more people to teach. We’ve added about 6 or 7 people to the teaching pool. That'll do to get us started.
Some were referrals from a few members and others came to church on Sunday so we'll be visiting them this week. 

Crazy story this week…Well let me just say to start, 2 nights of no sleep!!!

Friday night we came home and as we're getting ready for bed the light went out. So the electricity company had turned off our power and a few others in the neighborhood but our land lady still had power. She’s connected to a different power pole.

So Friday night we slept without electricity or light. This is how the night went…I immediately started sweating! And I CANNOT sleep when I’m hot. So Elder Paulson and I had moved a mat out into the main room by the front door so we could get some breeze from the air outside. Well, we have a BIG dog in our compound that the land lady lets out at night. We've become good friends with this dog (we'll play with him sometimes) so every night he runs strait to our door and starts barking to play. Well by this time we were just hanging around because we couldn’t sleep. The dog kept barking at us so we shut the door. When we finally felt like sleeping we opened the door to get some air but as soon as we did that dog came running to see us. Well we didn’t mind him until he was the one keeping us from sleeping. So Elder Paulson kind of ran the dog off in a nice way, and he left us alone for a little. About 3 hours later he came barking at the door again. It was 2 am in the morning…we were sweating, angry, tired!

Finally Saturday morning came. The day was great but we arrived home and electricity again! 
Same thing happened this night. The dog came barking at the door over and over and over again!
 Again at 2 am I got up this time to ran the dog off. It didn’t work so I tried to sleep. At 4 am that dog came back for more. By this time I was just like...”the dog is gonna die or I’m going to die” So I got a broom, walked outside and chased the dog to the back of our compound. Luckily he didn’t bother us anymore that night. But when I showed up to church on Sunday one of the youth members in our ward was like "Elder Morris...are you okay? You look very sick!! Your very white ha ha" "’s true, I told him…I haven’t really slept for the last 2 nights because of lights off" Oh she said and just smiled.

That was our terrible story of the week. Light (electricity) tend to go off for a few hours but it was never like this. It felt like I was camping this weekend in the Texas hot weather!

Even though the challenges are hard, I’m grateful for them as it’s giving me experience for life. The mission is great! It’s definitely not the easiest thing in the world but I have learned some of the greatest lessons on my mission. I’m truly grateful for this time to serve the Lord!

Thanks for the support y’all! Hope everyone has a great week
With love,

Elder Morris

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