Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello good people of America and South America and Russia. Where ever you may be...

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was splendid.

Well I received Elder Dini on Tuesday this last week and have been showing him around the wonderful land of Ofankor. He’s from Zimbabwe and has been on mission for about 20 months, which means he is just one transfer before me. So he'll most likely stay here until July. He’s a cool missionary. He’s kind of relaxed and chill. He doesn’t talk much but it’s all good.

Well we have great news…
We've been teaching this lady named Dora. Sweet investigator! I’ve mentioned her before.
So as we've been going through the lessons we finally came to the point to invite her to baptism. And the first time we did so she said, "I’ve already been baptized in my church" but after going back to the Restoration she said she would pray again to know if all the things we shared are true. So fast forwarding to another lesson, I asked if she prayed and she said yes. In short, she said she would prepare herself to be baptized in a few weeks. And then this last Sunday she was able to come to church with her small boy who is also learning with us. They are scheduled for the 1st of April. This is not an April fool’s joke by the way.

We’ve started teaching one of Divya’s daughters. She was really shy but Divya is being a great "example of the believers" and helping her daughter understand the importance of the Gospel and the role of Jesus Christ in her life.

Please forgive me if my letters aren't making much sense. My BROFO (English) isn’t doing very well. Ha ha

That’s about it for the week!
Thanks for the love and support I receive from y’all! It means a lot!
Have a great week everyone!
With love,
Elder Morris

 Elder Dini

 First A&W in 18 months!

 Elder Paulson and I dying of heat!

 Here comes the rain

 TOMATO face! Sunburnt
Found a little water fall today!

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