Monday, April 24, 2017


Sorry I wasn't able to cafe last week! No internet.

Well I'm in my last "dying" area called Asuom. Actually we haven't moved out there yet so we take a 1 hr taxi ride there and back each day and it's very exhausting. Mostly because we have to smash 6-8 people in a 5 man taxi which is not comfortable at allll!!!
My companion is Elder Msomi from South Africa. 

Asuom is a small branch. President simpson sees it becoming a ward in the next few months. We have much work to do out there tho. Starting with the branch and its members. We worship in a small Rented building. The chapel(sacrament hall) is just as big as the Piano and old computer room together. Not big at all!!
We will be moving in this coming friday! YAY no more traveling during the day! 

Yes we do have a senior couple out here. They stay in Abomosu. This is actually their 3rd mission in Abomosu! They're very experienced out in the bush!

After moving in to Asuom, we're planning to hit the farms with members to get our trust level up. It will help us build our relationship with them. We'll have 2 other elders in our apartment as well.
 I don't have much time but just know that I'm prayin for y'all!! If I don't respond back either I don't have time or we don't have internet! I won't be able to send pics anymore for the next 4 months so sorry these emails will be a little boring!

Just know that I love y'all! I'm cheering for ya! Also please pray for me! I need some extra strength right now. I'm a little under the weather. *head cold!
Have a great week,

Elder Morris

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