Monday, April 3, 2017

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Sword of Truth

Dirty water filter vs. clean water filter 


Hope everyone had a great week!! Mine had a slow start but it ended really great with the opportunity to watch General Conference. It means so much more to me now that I’ve grown up. Before I just kind of took conference as a time to draw pictures and eat as much food as I’d like for 10 hours on the weekend twice a year...but now I’d say it bring great spiritual strength and a boost. It was amazing to hear inspired talks from our beloved Prophet and Apostles. It was truly great!

We have a number of people we are preparing for baptism this coming 16th of April. Easter Sunday! Sadly transfers are next week and I have no doubt that I’ll leave this time. I’ve been in Ofankor for 7 months. Oh by the way, today just so happens to be my 19th month mark...Holy Cow...Time is flying by!

Well this is the last week of transfer and assuming I’m leaving, so I’ll have to show Elder Dini all the member’s houses that I know. Here in Ghana it’s kind of difficult to locate members’ homes unless they show you themselves because there's not really house numbers. So they just tell you a general area and hope that you’ll find them. 

Oh and just a little something extra for this week. Nothing to special but I heard from former "Elder" Kabwika and he said he’s coming back to Ghana to do the Pathway program and after a year he'll transfer to BYU Idaho. So Mom…you'll actually get to meet one of my African companions someday!!! PRETTY COOL HUH?!

Thanks for all the support! You're all in my prayers!
love y’all
Elder Morris

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