Monday, June 19, 2017

Hey mama!!!
Sooo we actually didnt have the baptism because we were stuck traveling in Accra for about 2 days!! soo it'll happen this friday!
We did get bridgets dads approval for her to be baptized!! Sooo thats a blessing!! Thanks for the prayers! She's 14 years old. Has some friends that she comes with so.
We do a lot of traveling as a ZL!! almost to much hahaha!!! The multi zone was very good!! President talked a lot about becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ. It was a great discussion!!
2 more weeks if you count this one!! But yeah the 3rd missionary im "killing!! hahaha
We had interviews with president this last week and i brought up if he could send me an American for my last transfer..He said he actually had the same thing on his mind!! soo most likely ill get one!!! YEAHHWWW
I'm sure ill get your letter soon!! Ill be sure to tell you when!
Ill perfect my Ghanian accent then!! hahaha if yall are so excited to hear it!

Sounds like things are going well back home!! Busy busy busy!! Its still hot here.. Most days. Its been raining a lot and so i heat water to bath with B/c the water is cold!!! 

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