Monday, June 26, 2017

Well hello again! What a great week we had here in the Bush of Ghana!
This week has flown by just like all the others. We were very grateful to have a total of 6 baptisms in the Asuom branch this last Friday!! 3 per Companion ship.
Elder Msomi and I baptized Justice, Henry and Sis Bridget!!! It was soo cool to have so many of Gods children dressed in white and receiving their salvation! On Sunday we were a little worried they might not make it to church on time so we passed by all of their houses to make sure they'd be on time. And they were!! I was fortunate to be able to perform the Confirmation for Sis Bridget! What a great experience that was!
Now we'll be spending a lot of time finding new people for my last transfer!
This is Elder Msomis last week with me! He'll be going home next week. This will also be a quick week as we get to look forward to attending a District Temple trip on Saturday! We have to leave Asuom at 4 am!!! O.O zzzzz
Elder Msomi will bring all his bags with him to the temple and afterwards leave me to go with the APs. (Farewell Companion) And ill bring back one of the missionaries in our zone whos companion is also going home next week. Until next Tuesday when i get my new and last companion! 
Thats weird to say!!
Great story this week!  
Before i start, just know its been raining almost everyday for 3 weeks!
We, Elder Stilson ( missionary in Asuom with me) and I had to travel down to one of our zone areas, Asunafo, for a baptismal interview and for Elder Stilson to translate(sign language) a ordination to the priesthood for a deaf man in the area.
Well we were told by the senior couple missionary that there was a river that had flooded and no one was able to drive in or out of the small village. So he told us "bring some shorts cuz you got to get out there!!"
We did as he said and once getting to the river we were required to walk through this 100 yard river to get to our baptismal interviews. Luckily it wasnt to deep. Just a little past my knee. What a awesome experience tho! I was scared we might run into a giant snake, because i've heard stories of them out here in the bush!! Well we did that journey twice! Pretty cool!
I thank everyone who continues to encourage me!! i hope yall have a great week! Love and miss yall!!
Elder Morris

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