Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Transfers and I'm going to the "BUSH"!

So I don't even know where to start!
So yes the packages made it and I'm so grateful for them and everything inside!!! I started tearing up when I was opening them!! I love y'all so much!!! My birthday was actually really good! We taught a few lessons during the day and then we went to a members house (Rhoda) and she and Elder Z cooked dinner for all 6 missionaries and we had a small party at her house. We even had cake! It was a lot of fun!! 

Transfers are tomorrow and I'm headed to the BUSH!!! The city is called Asamenkese so you can look it up on google maps. I'll put up the Christmas stuff you sent once I'm at my new apartment. I've been told if you go out to the bush you typically stay there for a while. I know that around DEC 18 we are going to the temple so if I don't get the Christmas packages tomorrow, I should for sure get them at the temple. Oh would you mind sending candy canes in the package?? the mint and sweettart ones :))) I miss those! ha ha ha

So we learned about Harmattan this week and...it's here!
The Harmattan is a dry and dusty wind blowing northeast and west of the Sahara into the Gulf of Guinea between November and March (winter) each year. It is considered a Natural Hazard. On its passage over the desert it picks up fine dust particles The dust in the air can severely limit visibility and block the sun for several days it is comparable to a heavy fog, this effect yearly cause airlines millions due to cancelling and diverting of flights.

This is what it looks like:

Yeah so I'm trying not to take so much dust into my mouth each day but as you can see from the picture, it's pretty much a given that we are inhaling all that dust! The good part about it is that it has brought some cooler weather with it so that's nice! And because I'm going to the bush it should be much cooler! haha lets hope!

At Christmas time I'll probably end up calling home instead of Skyping..:/ (which I guess is normal for this mission). I should see President Hill tomorrow at transfers! Can't wait! We found out about the new mission president. His name is President Snow (he's the one that's a 70) He'll be coming the first week of January.

We saw 2 big tender mercies on Thursday! First one was once I woke up and began working out guess what happened...it started raining!!! Let me just say how happy I was for that rain!! It hadn't rained for a long time so I was very grateful for that! The second one was as we were walking that day, we went to visit on of our investigators and when we started to walk back to our house (which was pretty far from where we live) I realized that I left the phone at her house. So we had to turn around and walk back to her home. When we started to walk back I said to Elder Z "man what if God sent us an angel to pick us up in a taxi and take us back to the house. (we were going home for lunch at the time) we laughed...then we arrived back at the lady's house she said "let me call a taxi and pay for you. its too hot to be walking that far!" It was a tender mercy and how grateful I was!!!

Thank you again for the packages and for all the letters I've received!! It is such a blessing!! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes this week!!
So going to the BUSH will be a whole new experience in its self! I feel like I'm just starting my journey even though I've been out 3 months already. I'm also officially done with my 12 weeks of training!
Okay here is the crazy story of the week!! It's a good one ha ha ha
So we were riding our bikes to a bike shop to get Elder Z's bike fixed. First let me preface, there are always funerals or weddings going on in the middle of the streets here. So there was a funeral coming up so I got off my bike to walk because I thought it would be polite. As we're passing, the DJ called me over and wanted to greet me. Just then this old woman starts walking up to me and she started hugging me and crying asking for 1 cedi... "please just 1 cedi" well then she hugs me and started to cry or that's what it sounded like, then I start feeling her hand going into my pocket!!! hahahahahahhahahahahahhaha I grabbed her arm and threw it out. (in my mind I was thinking what the heck). We turned and went on our way but that was very interesting this week! The people think that missionaries are rich. I promise you we are no where close to being rich!!!! We live on 50 GCD a week which is not a lot. It's about $13.06 in US dollars.
Anyway I'm looking forward to this new journey coming up!
I love and miss everyone!
As you go throughout the week try to make note of the tender mercies of the lord and write them down. You'll begin to see just how much the Lord is in your life and you'll also know God is truly watching over all of us!!


 All 6 of us eating at Rhoda's 

 Yum...fresh salad

 Thanks so much Momma for the birthday package!!

I loved dumping them out!

Love my new bracelet that this local lady makes

Texas y'all 

'Merica, Brazil (for my bro, Kaden) and GHANA!

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