Monday, November 30, 2015

Giving Thanks!

So I don't have any amazing stories this week ha ha But here's an update:
On Tuesday I went on my first exchange...guess who it was with? One of our AP's, Elder Gabriel. (Assistand to the President- these are Elders that are called to work closely with the mission president.) 
Actually at first I was kind of scared but he's a really cool guy! We had a lot of fun  and worked hard. We even had a car for the day so I was able to take a break from the heat and enjoyed some A/C in the car! ha ha It's getting really hot here now and everyone keeps saying "just wait" as it is getting hotter and hotter! 
This is how our teaching went this week.
First off... we had to drop a lot of people because they're not serious and not progressing in their wanting to accept the gospel at this time. That is always so hard to let people go.
So teaching this week was really slow but we contacted a lot.
Chelsys mom didn't come to church again this week so we're gonna get the Relief Society President (Relief Society is a group of women in the church that help support and strengthen all the women) to come with us and talk with her and see if that can help her to want to come.
Eve Lydia's husband would not approve of her to coming to church this week so we'll have to drop her because shes not able to progress.. which is so sad.
Now we're just trying hard to find serious people to teach.We haven't been able to meet with Tina for 2 weeks now :( she was a prim investigator! but for some reason she's been busy lately.
Thursday we had a great Thanksgiving feast! Elder Barr and I made "American" food and we bought some American soda and tried to come up with some traditional Thanksgiving foods that we both eat with our families. We wanted to share it with our native Elders in the apartment. I even attempted to make my moms amazing sweet potato brown sugar dessert! It wasn't as good as hers but it was a little taste of home.

Sorry this is a short email for this week. Even though we didn't have much success this week I know that the trails we go though in this life are to strengthen our faith. If you think for one second that God isn't watching over you, you're wrong...look again, find His love in the details of each day!! He loves and cares about everyone of you! Look forward to the trails in this life, they are what build us and makes us stronger!! Have faith that it's all part of God's plan for you!!
Thank you to everyone that sent birthday wishes via email this week!:) They have really made me smile today!
I love and miss you all!
Build your faith each day!
When you struggle just think...this is only one day in my life compared to eternity!

Love Elder Morris! :)
 AP Gabriel and me

 Tried to make mom's sweet potatoes


 my plate...don't judge on the carb overload

 Sweet potatoes topping

 Enjoying our Thanksgiving Feast

 Ghana Ramen! ha ha

 More Ghana swag

 Yes we're on bikes and yes we wear helmets!

 Mashed potatoes and gravy!

 Sweet potatoes

 I had to cut my own hair...a bit long still on top huh!

Our spread for Thanksgiving!

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