Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's so good to hear that things are going good back home! I'm glad y'all made it home safe back from Utah and that y'all had a great time spending it with family! Teachings are going well. Pretty much the same as the last few weeks-slow and no one is really progressing but here with the new year I think it will get better!

So crazy story for this week!
I forgot what day it was but my companion and I were walking in our area and we passed a group of kids playing next to a well/septic tank with 3 holes going down into it. When all of the sudden I heard a little girl scream and then all the kids ran away. I looked at my comp and he had a crazy expression on his face like. So I look over and see a little girl looking down into one of the holes of the septic tank then I heard another girl screaming. So I ran over and dropped my bag and looked down into the hole. One of the kids had fallen into it! 

I told her to calm down and that we would get her out. My first thought was "oh no, she's going to have to swim" so I was preparing myself to jump down to save her. Just then she stood up and the water wasn't all the way up so as I began to put my legs into the hold to drop down and get her out, this man runs over and pushes me out of the way yelling NO! The next thing I know he is jumping down in there. (I guess he didn't want me to get my clothes dirty?)  He grabs the little girl and I laid down and reach my hand in to grab her. She was barley able to reach but after she grabbed my hand I pulled her out. (It felt like Batman in the first movie when he saves that man from falling off the cliff hahaha) then we had to pull the man out. Afterwards the man kept saying " God bless you!" and I could tell he was very happy that we were there to help. 

I've been really excelling in my Book of Mormon reading this last week! I went from 3 Nephi all the way to Mormon! I love the part in 3 Nephi when Jesus Christ is visiting the Nephites. After reading it I just can hardly wait for the day that I get to meet Christ!  It will be the coolest thing ever! I just imagine giving him a big Texas-sized HUG!!!
For those who don't know, I have a "ponderizing" a scripture each week! Meaning I choose a scripture to 80% ponder and 20% memorize. It really helps me look closer at the meaning of scriptures. This week my scripture is 3 Nephi 12:16

"Therefore, let your light so shine before this people, 
that they may see your good works 
and glorify your father who is in heaven."
Everyone has the light of Christ within them. As we live righteously, obeying the commandments of God, and continually doing "Good Works", we will be able to share the greatness of the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. How I wish I could go back and share it with all my non-member friends. I pray they will be willing to see for themselves the greatness of this Gospel someday. The blessings we receive are so great, and they come according to our faith. Faith without works is dead! Trust in the Lord that as you do His will, He will reward you.
It is my testimony that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses individuals and families. I've seen it in my own life and within my family. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is another testament of Jesus Christ. All who read it, wanting to know the truth of it can know for themselves. I encourage those who don't yet know for themselves to find a Book of Mormon and start reading. Pray for understanding of its words. Your answer will come!

I love and miss everyone! May God bless your lives with this new year.
and as Elder Cameron Bailey puts it... Moroni 8:3(read it!)


Elder Morris!:)

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