Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Day phone call

We were so excited all Christmas day to talk to Garrett. He ended up calling us around 12:00 our time. It was wonderful to hear his voice. We were not able to Skype because the internet cafe in Ghana is not equipped for that. So, a phone call was all we could do. However, we enjoyed every minute of our time talking to him. He shared several funny things with us about his happenings in Ghana and the huge adjustment it had been with culture, food, and the BLASTED HEAT!!! It's been nearly 95 degrees the past few weeks. He said he had to keep reminding himself that it was December and Christmas time because it sure didn't feel that way. He shared part of the missionary lesson with us and immediately we all noticed that his accent shifted into an African accent. It was awesome! He also shared with us some of the challenges and trails that he is facing with the missionary work there. He was cheerful nonetheless and continued to make us laugh. It was by far my favorite Christmas present just like the past 2 years when we would Skype with Kaden from Brazil. We are anxious to hear how he liked his Christmas gifts and what he actually did the rest of the 2015 year. 

We didn't get a letter from him this past Monday so we are really anxious to hear from him tomorrow!
 BBQ Chicken 

 He was waiting until Christmas night to open his gifts!

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