Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another good, hot week here in Ghana!
This is what when down this week.
On Wednesday we had interviews with our Mission President. Let me just say President Snow is a great guy! I sat down and kinda opened up to him about how I'm struggling with getting along with my companion and how I'm praying for Charity and then he really helped me out. He gave me some tips that he used at one point in his life. It was to love the Savior more. Basically if I can strengthen my love for Jesus Christ, it will help me see that the whole mission is just part of a bigger plan for me! It's helping me to grow to become a better husband, father, and even grandparent some day!! Most importantly it's helping me become a disciple of Jesus Christ. I believe this is true!
The things I'm learning now and the person I will become will help me when I have the same issues with my spouse or future children. He kept saying this was all preparing me to become a father! So in the end, I was uplifted and felt joy in knowing that it was preparing me for further things to come. After the interview I realized I need to be more humble and already I've seen my relationship with my companion grow.

Janet and her twins, Princess and Priscilla, were all baptized this last Sunday! As well as Matthew! While I've been with Elder Sakala we've been blessed to have 7 strong investigators be baptized. We are working with 2 others that are progressing well and really feel a desire to be baptized.
We received a referral from a ward member and this guy is GOLDEN!!! (a name typically given to an investigator who is prepared in every way to receive Christ). His name is Kwesi. He is just awesome! He's really my favorite so far. We taught all the first lesson this last week and when we asked him to pray about Joseph Smith and if he was really called as a prophet he told us the experience he had. He said he was contemplating whether he would actually get an answer or not. Finally he just decided to pray. He said, "God,  I'm coming to you in prayer with real intent." He continued to ask if Joseph Smith was a prophet and then he said not even a second later he felt this strong feeling go through him, like nothing he had ever felt before. I asked was it a good feeling, he said "it was so good, so good I knew that I had received my answer!"
His testimony of God answering prayers strengthened my own testimony. He will answer each and every one of us who ask with real intent. It made me think about the book of Enos in the Book of Mormon. In fact if you read this email, open up to the book of Enos in the and read. Look for the words he uses to describe his prayer! I challenge us to all strengthen our prayers and make them more meaningful. Ask with real intent and God will answer your prayer. 
I love and miss y'all!! Keep pressing forward in faith! Keep a song in your heart, and sail on and smile! :)

Elder Morris

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