Monday, April 18, 2016

Families are Forever

Hello once again! Another week gone by!! Time is flying to be honest!
So here’s my week in a nutshell: Those who were baptized last week were confirmed this past Sunday! YAY! And we've continued teaching Bro Kwesi this week, preparing him for his own baptism. Update on Lawrence, he'll be getting baptized this next Sunday (even though we have Stake Conference). We've arranged with our Bishop to have it after because Lawrence travels to Cape Coast for School every other week. This is the only way we could figure out when to hold it. We’re very excited for him!!
Also Bishop announced that they (the ward) would be going to the temple May 7th and they're taking our recent converts! President Snow, our Mission President said we could attend the temple with our recent converts. We're looking so forward to going with them!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!!
So crazy story of the week…When we first started teaching Janet, Princess, and Priscilla, they had another girl living with them named Lydia. She’s 17 and her story was her parents both died and so she came to Ansaful to find work. She met Sis Janet and her kids and Janet offered to take her in. Lydia has been living with them for a while now. Well, last week we showed up to visit the family and they told us that Lydia had ran away. When she left, she stole some of the girls dresses and 50 GHC from selling oranges the night before. So…this whole time we were fooled thinking Lydia was wanting to learn the gospel. What a shame it was when we heard the news. The family also couldn’t find any of the Books of Mormon we gave them and they suspect Lydia took all of them. At least she has the word of God with her, right?! haha
On Sunday we had a new investigator in our investigators class. Her name is Ester. It was her first time to visit us. She started asking a lot of questions during the class so we said if she would stay after we would help her understand. So we did. She started throwing questions at us left and right! "Who do you pray to? What’s the priesthood?" on and on and on!!! We finally told her, hold up, let’s answer each question, one at a time. We taught about Jesus Chirst establishing his church all the way through the Restoration and through Joseph Smith in like 45 minutes!! As we were teaching she continued to have one question right after another! Some of which didn’t even have to do with the topic. We arranged to visit her throughout the week and answer her questions. It should be an interesting week.
Something I’ve been thinking about lately is how grateful I am to know that families can be together forever!!! That song runs through my mind a lot, "I have a family here on earth, they are so good to me, I want to share my life with them through all eternity! Families can be together forever, through Heavenly Fathers plan" How true those words are and through the power of priesthood we have the binding power here on earth to bind our families forever. May all of us grow to love our families and understand the importance they have in our lives. I’ve never realized how much my family means to me until being away from them. May we also teach our kids, or prepare to teach our future kids about God and Jesus Christ. Especially the significant role He plays in our daily lives. Teach your children to live the words of the prophets including the living prophet we have today!
I love y’all so much!! Thank you for your constant support and love! May God be with you all!
Love ,
Elder Morris

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