Monday, April 25, 2016

Lead me, guide me

So a speedy week out here in Ghana!!
No much is going on. We had our Stake Conference this week and had the opportunity to hear from President Snow and his wife. Besides that I couldn't really understand or hear the other speakers. We were sitting in the very back.

I finally got a hair cut!!! Did it myself and with the help of Elder Evans and Elder Wilcox. I'd send a pic if this cafe would let me but I can't sorry, someday.
Highlight of the week, I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with a younger missionary (He's just about 4 weeks on the mission). I was the senior comp that day but we were in his area. I was with Elder Ngwenya from Zimbabwe. We started teaching and I let him open the lessons. Then when I saw the chance to step in and show him what I have learned so far on mission. It was great leading the lessons that day but at the close of the day Elder Ngwenya said to me, "Elder Morris, you have a very interesting way of teaching," hahaha He then told me that he thought it was so cool how I was able to use scriptures to answer the questions the investigators had and how comfortable I was talking with them. At the beginning of my mission I thought to myself,  I'll never be able to be good at scriptures or talking, or leading a lesson. But after having that exchange it really opened my eyes to how much I actually know and how much I've grown as a missionary. What a great experience!!

I continue to pray for charity towards others including my comp. We've been doing better together but again the longer you're with them the more satan tries to get us to fight and argue. But having charity is the key! That comes by loving the Savior more and knowing him better. We can do that by studying His ways. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but the counsel we received from Elder Rasband was to study the topics in the Topical guide about Jesus Christ, and by doing so we will gain more love for him and what he did for us. It's working for me. As I learn more about Christ, I gain greater appreciation for the sacrifice he made for us!

A little update on the people we're teaching, we are preparing a man named Kwesi Aggrey to be baptized in the coming week!! the only problem is he doesn't live in our ward boundaries. We're working to figure out how to help him go to his own ward. He's a little resistant but hopefully he'll soften his heart and understand.

We also met a new lady, Sis Mary. She's around 50 years old and is just great!!! She was a referral from a lady in our ward. She understands the things we've been teaching and even came to Stake Conference this last Sunday. She told us after how much she liked it, how peaceful and simple it was. She said she's planning to come this next Sunday to see how our regular worship service is.

I love and miss y'all so much! I hope you have a great week! Please keep these people in your prayers as well as me!! I pray for you each and everyday!!
May God bless you!

Elder Morris

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