Tuesday, June 21, 2016

4th Transfer and I'm staying in Winneba

Alright, well hello again after another week!! Hope everyone had a good one. As for me I caught a little sickness and havent been 100% all week but I'm pushin' through. It seems I'm struggling a little bit. We have transfers this week but I'll be staying in the same place with the same comp for another transfer. This will be #4 together. Thats a long time. We dont really get along well but I guess the Lord is trying to get a message through to me. I will start searching for what lesson he's trying to get me to learn. Also they're adding 2 new elders in our area and they'll also be in our apartment!!! FINALLY!! We'll have new people to talk with!haha
This last week we had a Zone training meeting with the mission president and the APs. It was really nice, we learned more about working with members and how to make our proselyting efforts more effective. This upcoming week we've already made plans with members to come and help us teach some of our investigators. Which if they could we can have more potential for baptisms. It really helps when the investigator knows a member or has them to fellowship with.
To follow up about Bro Eric, Peter and Sis. Mercy. They didn't come to church this week. sooo that means baptismal dates will be pushed! Although Mercy sent her kids to church and they enjoyed it and told their mother how much fun they had. Hopefully that helps the whole family come next week!
Something I studied this last week was a talk from the May general conference. I forgot the name of the talk but it was speaking about the holy ghost and how we have to work for the companionship of the holy ghost. Something we always have to be striving for and worthy of. In fact I've been thinking lately if I really know myself, if the spirit is speaking to me, or if he's not. It's something I'd like to get better at... looking and listening to the promptings of the holy ghost. If we become familiar with the way the spirit speaks to us, we will better recognize it among the different voices in this world. I know as I learn to decipher the holy spirit in my life that it will be the key to preaching by the spirit and being guided by it.
I know this church and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true!! It makes me so happy to have the knowledge of this gospel and to know we can be with our families for eternity. I know that God has blessings in store for us as we keep his commandments. God loves us. HE won't ever abandon us, he'll just test us to make us stronger. I know GOD loves you all!!
I love and miss y'all too.
Have a great week!
Elder Morris!

****PS.....Last week after some rain we had I stepped in a puddle...I didnt think it was that deep and then before I knew it my whole foot was soaking wet....-__- went from dry feet to wet in one week. ha ha ha

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