Tuesday, June 28, 2016

President Simpson arrives tomorrow!

Sooo turned out to be an energetic week. Full of new adventures!To update you from last week’s email. I was feeling discouraged because I was staying with my companion that I’ve been with for 5 months.. But during my personal study on Tuesday morning it hit me...I was so stuck up in my own pride and I didn’t want to come down. I wanted things that I thought were best for me instead of looking at the other side of it. God’s side. What lesson is he really trying to teach me? And I found it in Tuesday’s personal study. The lord wanted (and wants me to continue to) be humble!!
I read the talk from General Conference "Be Thou Humble". By Elder Snow I believe it was. Anyway so I opened up to Elder Sakala that morning and told him I was sorry for how I was acting and that I understand that I need to humble myself and be a better person. (I Repented)
And then the new guys came to the apartment. Elder Friday from Nigeria and his trainee comp Elder Kamara from Sierra Leone.
So again I’m the only American. It’s all good though! I kind of keep to myself. Go to be a lot earlier than the other Elders but its good to have others in the apartment. It’s not so lonely anymore...although it is a lot messier!

This whole week we've been on splits with the new Elders in the area to show them around and show them members. So I haven’t taught a lesson with Elder Sakala for the whole week and tbh it’s a lot different. Once you're with someone for a long time you kind of have a set teaching style and know when to come in and or let the other person speak. But once you go on splits it all changes. So it was a good learning experience.
This last Saturday we went to a wedding that was being held at our stake center to see how a Ghanaian wedding was like... Nothing like an American wedding I’ll tell you that! hahaha not in a bad way but Ghanaians don’t really like showing affection toward each other so it was kind of funny to watch.
Sunday we had a great turn out!! Bro Eric came (by himself) but he’s really enjoying the teachings and is planned to be baptized this next Sunday. Hopefully he comes to church!!
As well Sis Mercy and her 2 kids Nancy and Kofi came to church!! I think she enjoyed as well. I know Nancy enjoys a lot.
So that was our week!!
President Snow, the former mission president goes home tomorrow and then President Simpson and his wife come!!! Not every one can say they have 3 State championship Texas HS football rings and 3 mission Presidents ha ha ha... and hopefully I won’t need a 4th.

Thanks to everyone for the emails and love they send! Thanks for all your support!! I love and miss y’all!! May God guide and direct you for good!
Have a great week!

 Cute little from our ward!

 Elder Friday from Nigeria

Little boy took my picture

Princess and Priscilla our new recent converts

Happy 4th of July 'Merica!

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