Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Last week before transfers!! And to be honest I think I’ll stay in the same area again probably until August or September! But it’s all good. I do enjoy this area and the members in the ward. And I guess it’s true the longer you stay in an area the better your relationship becomes with the members...
Even though we are still somehow struggling to have the help of members when we go to see people. Which is a total bummer because we have a lot of strong investigators that could be baptized if we had the members fellowship them.

Starting with a man named Eric. We were first teaching his wife back in February. Yeah a long time ago, but we've stuck with them and now we've been teaching the father for a while and he is a great guy! Really powerful and wants to know the truth. We've taught him all of lesson 1 and are on lesson 2 now. This last Sunday he finally came and visited us at the church and he now has a list full of questions!! A lot of members did greet him and we had him meet with the bishop so I think things will continue to go swell! Fingers crossed and praying!

Next is the family we met a few weeks ago. We've taught all of lesson 1 now. The fathers name is Peter, the wife is sis Mercy. They have 3 kids. They are all at baptism age and then They also stay in the same compound as their grandmother. The Grandmother's youngest daughter also stays there. So Sunday evening we went and taught them about the Book of Mormon. The grandmother loved everything we shared with her. When we told her how Joseph Smith received the plates she was like "WOW, Isn’t God amazing!!" ha ha ha She was bedazzled! So we continue teaching them!
Then everyone remembers Mary. The investigator that I love!! Well we can’t baptize her because of her husband’s polygamist marriage but to be honest she’s already a strong "member". She gave us a nice referral and she wants to start her family history!! So yeah, she’s still amazing!
So yesterday at church it started pouring rain!! Crazy storm! which I actually love because the weather gets really cold. (officially rainy season!) And the clouds and cool weather (80 degrees) have been a blessing throughout the week. Anyway so we had to go see the family after church. So the rain stopped for a while and because they live far we had to take a taxi to their place. It was so muddy we decided not to ride our bikes. So we get there and it started raining again. It continued all throughout the lesson. We we're struggling to get to the road because there’s a bunch of small rivers around us and it's super muddy. I stepped in several puddles which covered my shoes. I’d just like to say thanks to my parents who bought me my proselyting shoes (AKA the BOOT) because while other missionaries joke about me wearing military boots, my feet have stayed completely dry no matter how deep the puddle is. Meanwhile they, other missionaries, have soggy socks and shoes. SO THANKS MAMMA AND POPS! I LOVE YOU!
This coming week, actually tomorrow, we have zone training with the Mission President and the APs...and apparently he’s making big changes... it should be interesting! Still think it’s funny that we have these changes from our mission president and then in 2 weeks we'll have a new mission president who most likely will make changes of his own. Life is about change right?? Repentance is a changing process...I guess a mission is too. ha ha ha.
Anyway that’s my past week. Thanks for the emails!! I love hearing how everyone is back home. Keep smiling and sail on!
Love y’all

Elder Morris

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