Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello again-
I hope everyone had a wonderful week!
Mine was just dandy considering I fell of my bike twice! First time we were riding home from a FHE and my front tire went into a big yeah it hurt a lot. Second...well just know i pulled the front break and it didn’t go well ha ha.

So The past week has been interesting. I went on an exchange with the Zone leaders again. I went up to their area called Swedru. I was with an American, Elder Jolly from Idaho. It was good! We walked a lot!!
And it was really hot that day. Then after coming home i came to find that we're now in a 3 sum companionship!! An elder got sent to be with Elder Sakala and I. His name is Elder Chimbunde, from Zimbabwe! This is my 3rd Zimbabwean companion.
I think that what I get for hangin’ out with Angus Chihaba all throughout my senior year.(if y’all didnt know he’s from Zimbabwe.) We've been going around teaching in 3. You definitely learn a lot but you also don’t talk as much ha ha

One day Elder Chimbunde wasn’t feeling all that well so because we have 5 in the apartment, one of us stayed behind. They asked me to stay so I spent that day reading and studying.

Just a few updates. Bro Eric didn’t come to church again, and we only met with him on Tuesday. Mercy will wait to be married before her baptism but we are going ahead and planning the baptism for the kids, Nancy and Kofi. They love the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. They say it’s, "fantastic!"

On Saturday, we usually go to clean the chapel and for the last 4 or 5 months, the members haven’t really shown up. It’s typically just missionaries and 2-3 members and a few small boys. This week we decided to bring a soccer ball and play a small game after cleaning! It was a great turn out! We a lot of the youth come and bring their friends to play. Let me just say it was hard to get out of bed the next day!! I could not feel my legs. I was the only American on the field and I can’t play to save my life so...

There’s two more weeks before the next transfer. Elder Sakala has his 1 year mark this week!! That’s exciting because he was in the MTC group just before me! Sooooo, you know what that means!! Is it crazy that I have been here almost 1 year!
That’s about it for this last week! Thanks for the emails and congrats to those who have received mission calls and/or are leave in the coming weeks! Good luck to y’all! You’ll be great!
I hope everyone has a great, blessed week!
With love,
Elder Morris

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