Monday, July 11, 2016


Another good week in Ghana.

For the updates this week…Not much throughout the week but we did meet with Bro. Eric. Not so good news. First, the Saturday before he was going to be baptized we talked about temples. Well confusion came upon him and that's kind of one of the reasons he didn’t come to church. Also he has such a strong testimony about the restored gospel. Although, he thought he could be baptized by the correct authority and then return back to his church. He didn’t know after baptism you become a member of the church. So, we had a lot of explaining to do. We retaught the temple, slower for understanding, and he said he’d have to learn a lot more about EVERYTHING we do before he joins. So I guess that’s why they call them INVESTIGATORS! I’m glad he’s truly investigating.

As for Mercy and her kids, they’re great!!! They came to church again and love it! And the once again To prove Opposition in all things, After Sis mercy had an interview with the bishop, we found out that her and her husband aren’t married. So what has to happen is a Traditional marriage which will count as marriage and she'll be able to be baptized. As for the kids they have no problem, except maybe remembering all the things we've taught for the baptismal interview.
But I’ll update y’all about that when we find out more. If we go ahead with their baptism, it will be on July 24.

Once upon a time, we were teaching a lady named Josephine... This girl was a very strong investigator. She even shared her testimony one fast Sunday. Anyways she traveled to deliver her baby to another city. And last week we found out she gave birth to a baby girl! She'll be coming back to Winneba soon for school (college) so we'll start teaching her again. Hopefully I’m still here next transfer so I can see her be baptized! We were teaching her back in March…I can’t believe I’ve been in this area for 6 months now!!

And on Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on love and charity! I started my talk by getting the attention of everyone by saying “Good morning” in their language!! hahaha Ghanaians love it for some reason when a white person speaks their language. Our ward is starting to pick up their responsibilities on missionary work! It’s great! We've received a lot of help from ward missionaries and a few referrals every now and then.

That’s about it for this week!! Thanks for all your prayers and for keeping me in mind! I love and miss y’all! Hope you have a wonderful week!!
Elder Morris!!
 Ghana Wedding 
 Young girls from the Winneba Ward

Primary kids

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