Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Recap of the week.
We suffered to have lessons the first two days this week. But we had the awesome chance to meet our new Mission President and his wife. President Simpson from Australia (Originally from New Zealand). He has such a cool accent!! He and his wife came and introduced themselves to the zone and they shared with us a little about their family. They also told us about their children and the missions they served. 
It's great to have a mission president who feels like a parent to me. Having President Simpson is a lot different than having A General Authority, President Snow. Pres. Simpson is a younger guy who has a son that just left for his mission as well. So it's great seeing them like parents too!
Thursday the lessons started to pick up. We've gone back to doing some small contacting in hopes to find a few people to teach. We are somewhat out of the contacting spirit since President Snow had changed that. But, we need people to teach so we just go do it. 
To update y'all on Bro Eric's Baptism that was suppose to happen this fell through. Sadly he didn't show up to church. We've pushed it out to this week. Brother Eric is truly prepared. 
Mercy, Nancy and Kofi all came to church again this week! Sadly their father is still not interested in attending. We've set a Baptismal date for the family on the 24th of July. The wife and kids really enjoy coming. Now we just need to help Bro Peter feel that spirit and motivation to come.
Well that's about it for my week.
I hope y'all have a great week!
I'm proud to be an American, were at least I know I'm free!! (religiously and so forth)

Elder Morris
Blessing, our cute member's baby 

Out proselyting with our ward missionary, Sis. Nellie 

loving this puppy


NAILED IT!!!  Literally ran into this nail

 Sisters from the ward

Mamma Maybell, one of our members

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