Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello family and friends!!! Another week gone by and it’s about the same news as last week ha-ha
We had confirmations on Sunday for the newly baptized converts...Although sad news. Only 2/3 showed up!! Bro Abraham left for sea (he’s a fisherman) on Saturday and never returned so we have to make sure he comes next week! Because without receiving the Holy Ghost by lying on of hand, the baptism isn’t complete!
The teaching pool is low but we've found a lot of primary kids who are 8 or above who haven’t been baptized yet so we're now teaching the primary ha-ha not really but it seems like it! We are meeting with a new investigator named Rafial. He came to church about 4-5 months ago and then traveled. But he’s back now and he's come to church twice now. He doesn’t understand much English so we're working with members to teach him so he’s understands everything! We've been asked by the mission president to quickly relate our message to the restoration! Because that’s truly what makes our message different then everyone else’s! That God the father and his son Jesus Christ came to this earth and restored the true and fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth through a living prophet named Joseph smith!
And I believe that to be true! Because if it’s not... I would definitely say I’m wasting my time out here...but I’ve come to know it’s true by doing what we invite everyone else to do.. Pray and ask God yourself if it’s true! And ill promise the same thing Moroni in the Book of Mormon promises. That it will be through the power of the Holy Ghost that you'll know this message is true!
I know the church is true! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much!! I’m grateful to be serving at this time!
I hope everyone has a great week!!! Keep on smiling and staying positive!! Jesus loves you!

Elder Morris

 Yes, they carry everything on their heads! 

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