Tuesday, August 2, 2016

HELLOO once again! What a quick week! It ended really well!
A Short update but Mercy's kids, Nancy and Kofi were baptized including a recent converts husband Bro Abraham. What a Sweet moment to watch them enter the covenant of baptism!!
Sister mercy told us how happy she was to see her kids dressed in white and to be baptized!! Even bro Abraham who didn’t really smile or laugh much was SUPER happy when we visited him after church!

Again bro Eric has run from us this last week... so we're planning on dropping him for a little to give him time! But I know one day he'll be baptized!!  At least we planted a seed!

Transfers are this week and guess what!! IM staying Again! Ha-ha this time I’ve been asked to be the District leader for a 4 man district so I’m excited for that! Elder Sakala is being transferred to...guess again, Asamankese!! For those who didn’t know, that’s the city I came from before coming to Winneba. He'll be the Zone Leader there which is perfect for him because he deserves it all the way! I know I had a lot of hard times with him and wanted him to leave a lot but I’ve learned so much within the last 7 months of being with him. And for sure he’s a great friend! It’s hard not to appreciate someone when you’ve been with them for that long! So now I’ll be with Elder Chimbunde who came 3 weeks ago to be with us. Hess also forms Zimbabwe! That makes 3 Zimbabwe comps!! I’m on a roll here!
As well a lot of the older guys that I’m friends with on mission are leaving home this transfer or in the coming transfers! So it’s sad to see them go because they're really cool guys but also happy that they're going home!

So I’ve realized I’m still not that strong in using the scriptures to answer "questions of the soul" so I’ve really been digging in deep during my personal study to Find answers to them so I’m able to help my investigators and I guess myself. Its crazy how many questions I’ve gotten on mission and I haven’t even asked myself those questions so I don’t know how to answer them. For those preparing for missions, I think that is a great thing to do is really dig deep into the scriptures! That’s the way to help answer people’s questions!

Well that’s about it this week! Thanks to everyone for the emails, love and support! It’s keeping me going! I hope everyone has a blessed week!
With Love
Elder Morris!

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