Monday, August 29, 2016

Well this is the week!! 
I’ve made it to the top!! And now I'm moving down!! On September 3rd I've hit 1 year on the mission. And it feels great! It's been a wonderful learning experience and I look forward to another great year. I know if said this a thousand times but it’s so true, time is flying!

This last week we didn’t have much go on... But the highlight was we were able to have a member present at every lesson we had which was great! Especially because they assist in translating for clarification. We street contact a lot now to find new investigators. And as much as I don’t like contacting (ha-ha) I do enjoy sharing the message of the restoration! So each day that’s what I put in the forefront of my mind as we find people. I’ve noticed how much I've grown this first year! Looking back at my first lesson on the mission I didn’t really know what to say. I just knew to testify to what my companion was teaching. I remember looking at my trainer and thinking; I hope I’ll be able to teach like some day.  I’m not the best teacher but I’ve definintely seen some growth and progress. I guess you can relate it to life. When we're young, we don’t really understand rules of our parents or even the commandments that God has given us, but as we get older we start to see the importance of everything we've learned as a child or youth. At least that’s how it is for me. I didn’t truly understand the importance of the Atonement. But as I’ve grown in the gospel and as a missionary, I finally see it!!

It’s all a bigger plan! We're just on this earth to learn and grow! Or to gain more light and truth as the scriptures would say! Anyway I’m excited I’ve come this far and grateful for this opportunity
to serve. And I think the best missionary is one with a strong, firm testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You'll be surprised at how someone will come to know the truth through your sharing of your own.

I know That God and Jesus Christ have restored the true church on the earth, even though the Prophet Joseph Smith. And that the Priesthood authority was brought with it. I know that the principles of the
gospel will bless our lives as we strive to live them. And that as we do that, we will grow into the person God has intended us to be! Don’t be afraid to share the restored gospel to all people!! For all you know it may be exactly what they're looking for, they just never knew where to find it! 

I know God lives and His son, Jesus Christ! They love us very much!!  Thank you for the love and support y’all send me! It builds me up keeps me pushing forward!
Have a blessed week
Elder Morris
 Traveling to a village in our area

 My favorite puppy I names "Morris"

 They call this "Sweet Apple" you only eat the inside but it is SOOO good!

 Pedro...I told him to open his eyes for the picture!

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