Monday, September 19, 2016

New Area Ofankor

Well First week in the new area!!  

So the place is called Ofankor. The apartment is really nice, although we have some cockroaches....We have an American shop by our house, the owner lady is from Alabama! There is peanut butter and Oreos!!! I’m loving it! Ha ha (He looooves OREOS)
My new comp is Elder Kabwika from DR Congo! He’s a really cool guy! He’s been out 18 months and we have a great time together. We're working on his English so he can take a test at the end of his mission. Everyday this last week has been filled with things to do so we we're tired small. (That must be how they say it in Ghana)

The mission conference was so great! Yes I was able to shake E. Stevenson’s hand along with E. Swarez  President of the 70... Soooo Cool! 
He mostly talked about teaching repentance to investigators. We do that by inviting them to keep commitments so we've been working on doing that this week! 

This last week I also had my first baptismal interview for one of the District leaders investigators. It was awesome! 

We have a lot of cool investigators we're working with. It is so great, we have so many more people we're teaching compared to the bush! We'll be having a baptism for this elderly man, Agymany, He’s 76! Isn’t that amazing…it’s never too late to find the truth! And on Saturday we'll be going to the temple! 

The new area is GREAT!!!! I’ve already made a lot of great friends with the youth. Now that I know how to build relationships with ward members, it’s becoming much easier. This week we'll be having a ward activity with dancing and games....soooo I’m about to make a lot more friends after they see this WHITE man dance! Ha ha ha just kidding!

I forgot to mention...I have another American in my apartment. Elder Wiscom from Utah. I haven’t been in an apartment with an American for the last 10 months. We're planning to make some banana bread!! It’s gonna be great!

Just a quick thought. As I was reading the Book of Mormon this week I read in 2nd Nephi 9:45 "O, my beloved brethren, turn away from your sins; shake off the chains of him that would bind you fast; come unto that God who is the rock of your salvation."

As we prepare for a new week I encourage all to turn away from not only sin but also the temptation of the devil. Chose beforehand when a temptation comes up what your action will be. Plan your defense against the evil one before he tempts you. As we do this we can avoid being bound. "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve" Lets strive to grow into the disciples that Christ wants us to be! I know the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!! I love God and our Savior Jesus Christ! 

Thank you for the emails!! I hope everyone has a great week! 
With love,

Elder Morris

 #3 for Poots

 I met this missionary right before the mission when I went on a triple date with 
Ginger Spangler and friends

 When I first arrived in Winneba

As I am leaving Winneba today

 At the Temple

 My new companion, Elder Kabwika

Ofankor Night

 Ofankor Day

A view of our new area Ofankor

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