Monday, September 26, 2016

Well I’d have to say this was the fastest week of my mission! If you keep yourself busy that is when the time starts to fly!
This week we did a lot of traveling! Tuesday was our only real full proselyting day and it wasn’t very good. We had a lot of failed appointments. Wednesday we had our District meeting, and another baptismal interview, then a ward party. It was great. A lot of members and lots of fellowshipping. Then Thursday we had exchanges with some missionaries in our Zone. Friday we had more interviews to do and Saturday was our temple trip. After that we had a Baptism for Bbro Agyman, and sadly no members showed up. We were disappointed but that didn’t stop the great spirit that was there. The temple trip was awesome!!  I love the House of God!!!! 

I’m so excited for this coming Sunday!! We'll have a chance to watch General Conference at the chapel this week. For those who read this and don’t know what General Conference is, tt’s a time where we get to hear from our Dear Prophet and President of the church as well as the apostles of Jesus Christ. You can watch it here ( I believe every member of the church looks forward to this time of year because we are so spiritually fed by the word of God. 
It’s going to be so great!

Quick story of the week....It’s not too long but just so you can laugh of feel sorry for us.We live pretty far from the chapel. On Sundays we'll either ride bikes or take a tro tro. (car) We decided to ride our bikes. Well it was looking kind of rainy that morning but we decided it would take about 10 min to ride there so we left. As we were climbing this small hill, almost to the chapel, there was a down pour…it started raining hard. By the time we arrived at the chapel, it looks as if we just stepped out of the shower! We were dripping wet! Ha ha ha Not so fun but it’s all good. Well that’s about it.
I hope everyone has a great week! God bless y’all!

With love,
Elder Morris

Elder Kabwika, Pres. and Sister Simpson (Mission President) and Me

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