Monday, September 5, 2016

HEY everyone!!!
Well we had a pretty good week and finished the week with a great celebration for my 1 year.
Not really much to report on this week. My companion was sick one day this week so we stayed in to take care of him. We're working with a few people trying to prepare them for baptism...But things aren't really going our way. I'm convinced that there is truly opposition in ALLL things!! We teach and help people to understand. But it really makes me sad when people don't keep the commitments we give them. Especially the one about praying to know if things are true. If they don't do that, they'll never receive an answer.

I think that is one way I've been able to tell if a person really cares about what we have to share with them or not. And we've been having a problem with that specific one. Some of our investigators aren't taking time to pray about the things we share with them. So that's really our struggle now.

Next week is transfers and I actually have no idea what's going to happen. I think I'll be more supersized if I go then if I stay. The following day after transfers we will have a mission conference in Accra at the Temple site!! Which I'm very excited about because I'll be able to see some old mission friends like ELDER BARR!!

I'm told Gary E. Stevenson will be coming to speak to us. That'll be the 3rd apostle I've seen come to Ghana in my time. So it’s gonna be great!
That's about it. Nothing to big going on. Thanks to everyone for the 1 year wishes and support!
Love y'all and have a blessed week
Elder Morris

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