Monday, September 12, 2016


Hmmm....well I already wrote this weekly once but the message got let’s try one more time.

I’m Being transferred!!! My days in Ansaful are up! And it’s been a good ride. My next area is called Ofankor. Its closer to Accra so it’s in the city which will be really different for me since I’ve been in the bush for 8 months. I’m excited but at the same time sad because we've been working hard on preparing people for I won’t be here to see them. But y’all remember sis Josephine?? Well she was here back in June. Then she left for summer. Well she’s back now and she'll be baptized Oct 2nd. She’s really sad I won’t be here for it.
So they've asked me to be one of the Zone leaders in my next area....My mission is about to get really interesting. But I’m actually really excited to watch myself and others grow! I can’t wait to gain some great leadership skills! You know I see each transfer as a new mission kinda. Just because it’s a different place with a new comp. Change is good! HU MAMA?? Hahaha (my mom always says…change is good!)

Soo yesterday (Sunday) We went to visit some of my recent converts.
You still remember the twins we baptized back in March?? Well they started crying when I was leaving their house! I’ll miss them for sure!

Other news…This week we have a mission conference with Elder Gary E Stevenson. What a great opportunity to meet another Apostle of Jesus Christ! I’m really excited.

Well not much else to report this week! I’m sure that will change next week. Thanks for the emails!! Miss y’all. Have a blessed week and remember...Jesus Loves You :)

Elder Morris

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