Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Americans speak too fast!

What a quick week!! This week was very entertaining! 
I was able to attend my first MLC this last week. It was just like a normal meeting but it was great and one of the best parts was that Sister Simpson cooked for us! We had some AMAZING FOOD!!!!! 

To be honest the week was pretty normal! We're just preparing people for baptism and trying to find more people to teach. 

Crazy story of the week...

Sunday when we were at the church we had 2 american girls walk in with a nonmember. They were both in their 20's. They were visiting Ghana for a HEFY activity. So after not talking to a white girl close to my age for 13 months...I finally got the nerve to introduce myself and meet the non-member they had brought. As I was walking up to introduce myself I noticed I was speaking in a Ghanaian accent -__- Blew it!! ha ha ha

My companion and I talked with them for a little while and I was so supersized shocked as to how fast they were speaking! I could barely understand what they were saying! To be honest, I felt so scared . So I fear I'll have a hard time talking to anyone in the US when I get home!! ha ha That should be interesting.

In the coming weeks we'll have another MLC (Mission Leader Council) on the 19th but this time the training will be with an Area 70 President and then we have combined zone conferences with him throughout the mission. The next week is transfers but we are all pretty sure we'll be staying put where we are.

Elder Wiscombe (Elder in my area, from Utah) and I have began to work out again! We feel like we need to get ourselves back into shape since we've slacked for 8-10 months.ha ha ha Not to worry...I figure I'd rather go bald and stay skinny then become obolo (fatty)!

I hope everyone has a great week! You're in my prayers.

With love,

Elder Morris

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