Monday, October 17, 2016

White Man!

Another week gone by! I've had a lot of people yell at me...well okay, that usually happens each week but this week it seemed to be more. And I noticed it's starting to get to me! "WHITE MAN!!" I really don't like being called white man! 

Anyway, this past week we went on a exchange to a District in Nsawme which is somewhat in the bush. Anyway they have a branch there and it's very interesting because they have some Deaf members there as well.  The Elder I was on a split with has been there for 8 months and has been learning the sign language they use there. He's learned enough to be able to teach these members and other deaf people out there. So, I had a chance to use my old and rusty American Sign Language skills from 9th and 10th grade! ha ha All I could do is introduce myself. Not too helpful. 

I'd have to say one of the coolest parts of being a missionary would be getting to meet many General Authorities and members of the 12 Apostles. This last Sunday we had Elder Nash from the Area Presidency come to our Stake Conference. We were able to have a small conversation with him afterwards. This coming Wednesday,  we're meeting with Elder Vincent at our MLC meeting. It's always a treat to learn from these great men.

This coming Sunday we have baptisms scheduled for Emmanuel and Phillip. Both really cool guys. We're excited for them to join the church and they are happy to be getting baptized.

My small spiritual thought of the week:

I was reading in the Book of Mormon in Mosiah. Chapter 14 verse 7 reads:
"He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb so he opened not his mouth."

I made me think of myself after reading this scripture. As missionaries it's somewhat part of mission life to be laughed at or mocked and made fun of because of something you're doing.
And I thought to myself and reflected on how much more Christ went through than anything I've experienced. 

Chi, like I can barely handle what people say to me now...imagine what people said to Christ on the way to the cross!

So a lesson for me and for everyone reading this email, remember in time of struggle, pain or affliction...someone greater walked the same path you're going through. No matter what struggle it might be, no matter what pain, Christ CAN make it better for you and for me. He suffered all that pain and affliction so He would know exactly how to succor His people. Pray for His support and guidance this week as you face your challenges! 

I hope everyone has a great week!
God Bless t
il' we meet again

Elder Morris

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