Monday, February 27, 2017

Well ladies and gentleman...
Elder Kabwika has officially finished serving his full time mission!!! 
We had a great last week of transfer. I’ll be staying in the area for a few more weeks. I’m now on to another adventure with my new companion, Elder Dini from Zimbabwe. Something interesting…this is my 4th companion from Zim! Thanks again to Angus, my friend in Allen TX, for helping me adjust to our fellow brothers! 

Sadly, one of our recent convert’s daughters passed away this week in the house. She was 39 but in a very serious health condition. He was more happy about it because of the knowledge of the plan of salvation and also because he’s not really able to take care of all the grandchildren and himself. He’s a 76 year old man that lives alone. He knows his daughter is in a better place and now is no longer suffering with physical pain.

By way of announcement…I’m sure my mom has already mentioned something but 
this week marks 18 months on my mission!! 6 more to go and the work will be finished for a season. I hope to continue growing in my knowledge of the Gospel and reinforce an immovable testimony! The gospel of Jesus Christ has already brought so much change in my life and in the lives of many others I’ve met! Sis Divya hasn’t stopped smiling since her baptism and we're now preparing her oldest daughter to be baptized!! I know if this happens, it will be a one great moment and Sis. Divya will continue to feel the spirit so strongly in her life! She already reports that sooo much change has come to her life and I’ve seen it myself. She’s like Enos in the Book of Mormon. After receiving a forgiveness of her sins she now has a DESIRE for all her family and friends to learn the truth and to feel the same love from our Heavenly Father that she has felt. We've started meeting with Divya’s sisters and family. 

I’m grateful for all your prayers and love that you send this way! Please continue.
I hope everyone has a great week. Keep pressing forward with steadfastness in Christ!

With love,

Elder Morris

Well Done Elder Kabwika 

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