Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Elder Bednar came to Ghana!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope y'all had fun collecting candy! Do me a favor and save me some please:D Another week gone by in Ghana! But an eventful one!! Just a little something funny, I've been called Mexican, Jackie Chan, and husband this week. 

Let's start with Chelsey. So we went to see him this week for another lesson on the Plan of Salvation. So we sit down with him and his friend in a shop. It was just the four of us. We begin teaching him and then suddenly a few kids walk in and sit down. So now there were 6 of us. Then shortly after that, some more kids walked in making it 10. By then end of our lesson there were 15 kids sitting around my companion and I listening to our lesson!! It was so cool! We talked about Adam and Eve and how the fall of Adam was an important part of Gods plan, because without it, we wouldn't be be here.

Last Thursday we had the opportunity of a life time!! 
Elder Bednar came to Ghana!! He held a special member, missionary, and investigator devotional. He opened up the meeting for questions. Can I just say how powerful the whole meeting was!! From the time I walked into the chapel I was so filled with the spirit! How amazing it was to hear the words from an apostle of God!! One of the questions asked was "How can we be motivated to go to the temple?". This was part of his response...He said that while the temples are being built, we make time to go to the site and look at it being built, we even go to the dedication and take our family to look at it. But then once it opens, we don't take the time to go inside and perform the covenants and sacred ordinances inside. We make excuses of why we can't go and say we have other things that need to be done.

He went on to say we make time for things that are important to us. He then said If we aren't making time to go to the temple, we must repent!!! "Repent and get your life in order!" These were such powerful words coming from an apostle of God! 
One of the last questions asked was from this young boy (9 years old). His name was Caden (American kid) he asked Elder Bednar "How as a primary child can I prepare to be a missionary?" Elder Bednar had some of the mission presidents that were there give Caden some advice. We ended the meeting on that question and then Sister and Elder Bednar bore there testimonies. It was so powerful and something I will never forget!

We brought some investigators with us, Chelsey and our new investigator Mercy. After the meeting it started to really pour down rain!! The streets were flooding but we decided we'd better leave anyway. We had to run out to the street and wave down a taxi but we were out for a good 5-7 minutes just chillin' in the rain. We were soaked!! But it was so totally worth it!! 

Halloween eve came around on Friday. Me and Elder Barr carved some pineapples that night. And then Saturday night we carved watermelons! I carved a sick Utah State one!! That's pretty much my week. 

My companion and I have some sort of cold with a big headache so yesterday, Sunday we tried to get feeling better. Thank goodness for ibuprofen.

Before I close I'd like to share a small parable we use with our investigators that can help members with inviting people to church. We teach them that going to church is like tasting a mango. For me, I take a bite of this mango and I can tell you how sweet it is! (Or we share this message of the restoration with people, and tell them how good it is.) But for you, you can never know how sweet it really is unless you take a bite of it yourself. You can never know how great our message is or if it's even true unless you come and see for yourself. 

So many people judge our church for our beliefs when they don't even know what we teach. All they hear is rumors!! But for them, they've never tasted of the fruit for themselves. So I invite you to taste the fruit...you'll never know how sweet it is unless you try! 

Love and miss you all! I hope all is well back home or where ever you may be reading this! May God be with you!
Love y'all

Elder Morris

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