Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Obolo Obrunei! =(Fat whiteman in Twi)

Another good week in Ghana!
I can't believe it's already November!! It doesn't really feel like it here because it's still super hot!! A funny story before I start. We (4 of us elders) were coming home from a members house last night, when this lady stopped us and starting talking to us. She told Elder Barr that he could call her obolo mommy! Obolo means fat in twi. And so Elder Barr said "oh, yes I'll be obolo too after eating all this fufu." And then this lady looks at me and says "obroni" (white man) you have obolo bottom" Everyone started laughing realizing she had just said I have a fat rearend! I guess they aren't use to seeing a white guy with such roundness... Ha ha ha but anyway here's what happened this week.

Chelsy... So we planned his baptism this past week. We taught him all the lessons and then when Saturday came around, we were informed that we'd have to call our mission president and talk to him because Chelsy is 12. There's a rule here if the  investigators are under the age of 17, it's better if a parent is also a member. So having been told this, we had to rush over to Chelsy's house Saturday morning to tell him we'd have to post pone the baptism until his mom could get baptized. She was kinda upset but we told her weeks ago she would have to come to church and be baptized for us to baptize Chelsy. Every week she says she'll come but never does. Sunday comes around and we were waiting for them to show up at church and then we get a call that Chelsy was sick..that was a bummer :'(

We went to see him after church, and we were able to give him a priesthood blessings. 
Something we do before giving blessings is we always ask if they have faith that it will work. It's important for the person receiving the blessing to have faith that they can be healed. 
Actually I've been able to give a few blessings these last few weeks. We've had some elders in the apartment not feeling too well. Another investigator we've been working with is Tina. We had a movie night at the church this week. We watched 17 miracles and can I just say how much I love that movie!! Tina came with us and she was kind of scared at first because she said she heard that the "Mormons" have a secret room! When we arrived at the church we showed her every room, reassuring her that there's nothing we are hiding! 

I think she enjoyed the movie. The next day we went to follow up with her and see what she was thinking. She told us that lately she's been invited to attend a lot of churches. She said that she is not sure which one is the correct one. I told her that her concern was just like Joseph Smith's!! That he also attended many churches seeking to find the correct one but taht he couldn't. The only problem is Tina has yet to visit ours. So I testified to her right there! I said "Tina, I know that if you come to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you'll see for yourself that this church is Gods kingdom on the earth, preparatory to the second coming of Jesus Christ. And this is the only true church that teaches all the principles and ordinances that Jesus Christ once taught." I could feel the spirit so strongly! The most powerful I've ever felt it since I've been out on my mission. I committed her to come this next week and she said she would. So we are really hoping she comes!

That's about it for this week! I hope everyone is enjoying the cold back home! And if you're feeling generous, please send some to Ghana! 

On a much more serious note, we received news this morning from our zone leader in the apartment that President Hills wife, Sister Hill, just passed away. She had traveled to Johannesburg to have surgery for a kidney stone this past week. The surgery was a success but afterwards, she went into cardiac arrest.Sister Hill was literally my missionary mother. It was just this last week I called her and president thinking I had a sinus infection asking for instructions on how I should take care of it. Little did I know that she was in a much more serious condition. Her love and care for me was genuine and for this I love them both so much!!

A temporary mission president will be assigned until later this year when a permanent one comes in. For now, President Hill will likely be released. He needs all the prayers he can get right now, please pray for him.

Love and miss y'all so much! 
Love,  Ɛlder Morris   

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