Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So ummm where to start... crazy story!! We almost had a fight in the streets of Ghana this week...  Me, my comp and a member were just walking down the street going to a investigators house when we pass by this guy who is looking at me and yelling in Twi. My comp stops and turns around at him and yells back "Whats your problem?? Huh, what is it?". Just to let y'all know, this same man has yelled at us before. The member was like "Elder Z come on he's not worth, it let's keep walking. So we turned around and kept going but man..it was crazy!
Here's some updates.. 
First with the baptism this last week with Priscilla.. It didn't happen:/ her mother insisted that she not be baptized. We were disappointed and Priscilla was very much so.
Chelsy is still not able to be baptized because his mom isn't supporting him by coming with him. 
Tina didn't come to church this week. We were disappointed at that as well.
We just started teaching, Eve Lydia. She's about 40-ish and she called us to come see her. we don't know how she got our number. We've been teaching her and even got through all the first discussion this week. We went on Saturday morning to see her and when we came in she was washing her clothes. She grabbed chairs and sat down with us. After the prayer her husband comes marching out yelling at us to get out. He told us to leave his yard. He said "I don't like what you teach, mammon...." and his wife stood up for us and said it's Mormon not mammon.. :) we told him "sorry daddy! no problem we can leave right now and we stood up and left. We told her we would come back on Tuesday. Pray for her and her husband.
I've been working out trying not to get fat while out here in Africa and no matter what for some reason I'm packing it on. So I decided to pray about what I should do to stay healthy and fit and guess what happened the next day.. I woke up sick as a dog! haha I had a major head ache and a head cold that just wiped me out. After receiving a priesthood blessing we went out and worked and then by 6 o'clock that day I was just dead. I almost slept during 2 of our appointments so we went home early and I fell asleep by 7 o'clock. Luckily I've been feeling better the last day or so.
That's about it for this week.. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!! It's weird to think I'll be turning 19 next week!! It doesn't feel like it because it's never been this hot on my B-day before!! hahaha
I love and miss everyone!!
Keep it Glorious!

Elder Morris :)

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