Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Texas brothers forever, I love you President!"

HEY-thanks for the email this week! Mom don't ever worry if your emails are too long or not, I'm starting to get less and less emails from friends so it gives me something to read..ha
Yes, we had a memorial service last Friday for Sister Hill. It was really great. President is in good shape. He's always smiling and still making jokes. He knows the plan of salvation is real and knows he'll see his wife again! We found out that he actually won't be leaving until January 2nd. They are letting him finish the year out! That was so good to hear! At the service I gave him a hug before leaving the temple sight and said "Texas brothers forever! I love you President!"I was amazed how comforted he was by a bunch of 19-24 year old missionaries. He has great faith! 

So another good week here in the blistering sun of Africa!! This week was very hot.. but that's okay because it's just one day out of eternity that I have to live! haha
We've been meeting with this girl Priscilla lately. Her cousin is a member so she was a referral. She's been coming to church with her for a while now so we set a baptismal date for this Thursday. She was just baptized last year in another church so her mom is telling her "you don't need to be baptized twice."  We've explained to her that it needs to be through the proper authority. The Priesthood authority which is only in this church, the church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We taught her about the restoration of Christ's gospel and the role that the Prophet Joseph Smith had in restoring it to this earth. Priscilla understands it and received an answer that it is true but she still needs to check with her mom before this Thursday. Hopefully she will allow her to be baptized!
Chelsy is still progressing. We have reset a baptismal date for the 26th of November for him and his mother. That'll happen as long as his mom comes to church! We've invited her for months now she still has yet to come. But Chelsy is so ready to be baptized!
I don't remember if I've told y'all about Tina... she is our best investigator. Now when I say this I actually mean an investigator. She is investigating the church in every possible way. Ever sense we've met with her a few of her friends have been inviting her to their church so she finally got the nerve to come to our meeting this last Sunday. This last Sunday we finally watched General conference!!!!! I was so excited! We showed up early about 8:15 (they said they were going to start at 9) so we show up and the gates are locked.. no one was there... We finally get the key and start to open up the chapel when a few people started to show up and get the projector set up.. Well long story short, it took over an hour and a half to set up and get the sound working. Tina had showed up and sat there for about a hour before we started. I walked up to her and said that THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! The members sometimes struggle but the gospel is perfect. Anyway we finally started and I was so pumped taking notes and everything. and guess what.... She leaned over and said she was feeling tired and she left. After church, later in the afternoon, we went to visit her and we asked how she felt about the meeting. She said it was good and then we invited her for next week as well so she can see how our usual worship is. As we were talking we read some passages from the Book of Mormon and asked what she thought about it. She said she knows it is true! It was wonderful to hear her thoughts and feelings. We'll keep working with her this week! She's by far my favorite investigator! When I teach her I can really feel the spirit just flowing as we talk because she really is searching for the truth and has a desire to know for herself what God wants her to do!
That's about it for this week.. 
I hope everyone is having a great time back home or wherever you may be. I love and miss everyone so much! I would love to hear from you either email or snail mail. 
God bless you!
Elder Morris:)
p.s. Oh, if you haven't sent a package yet I'd like 2 or 3 big gallon zip lock bags and maybe some lifesavers!!! They'd be exactly that! ha ha
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