Monday, May 2, 2016


Another fast fast week here in Africa!! The sun is shining bright, but we did get some rain last week which felt really nice!! It was great to have cool weather for a change.

I just like to say, like Nephi I am not mighty in writing but rather in speech. So if any part of this email seems out of place, that’s why ha-ha
So a good week! We had the opportunity to set a baptismal date for a Sis Mary, who is by far now my favorite investigator ever!!!! Here’s why!
After she attended church Sunday, which she said she really enjoyed all the classes and learning, we went to her place to start teaching her about the plan of salvation. As we sit down with her she started telling us her story when she was reading the "plan of salvation" pamphlet. She said I was reading when I just started to cry. Tears were flowing down my face and I couldn’t figure out why!!! That moment I knew that this was the true church I had been looking for! Everything is true that you’ve taught me, Joseph smith, restoration of the priesthood, everything!!
I was so happy to hear those words!! I knew she knew this is the only true church of Jesus Christ on the earth!! We extended a baptismal date earlier in the week for May 22nd. She accepted!
She keeps commitments and everything, truly prepared by the Lord beforehand!!
For Kwesi we had some issues come up (probably shouldn’t write) but we have postponed his baptism. Hopefully he’s able to work out the situation soon. But we know there is OPPOSITION IN ALL THINGS! Ha-ha-ha where would the fun be without it.
This coming Wednesday we're having a zone conference and Elder Stanfill from the 70 will be joining us!
Also to all missionaries, WE CALL HOME THIS WEEK!!!!!!! Can’t wait to talk with the Family!
So this week I was reading about some church history and I came across the history of the Book of Mormon. It was interesting to read that Mormon added the small plates of Nephi "for a wise purpose". Little did I know it relates to Martin Harris losing the Manuscript of the 116 pages from the book of Lehi. It was the voice of the spirit which had told Mormon to add the small plates of Nephi. This was because the lord new in due time, the 116 pages would be lost.
So I thought... When the spirit whispers something to me, do I listen and follow the guidance or do I just pass it over. Is there a "wise purpose" that the lord is trying to put in place? So just a little thought.
I definitely feel that I’m able to recognize the voice of the spirit more than before my mission. Which I’m very grateful for because I know that will help me in my decision making.

We had our monthly Fast and Testimony meeting this last Sunday and I felt prompted to share my test. I read a quote somewhere one time that a "Testimony shared is a testimony kept". So wanting to share and build my testimony I followed the prompting of sharing. From God is our loving Heavenly Father to Families are ordained of God.
My love for this Gospel is strong! I know it comes with promised blessings as we use our agency and choose to follow the example or our savior Jesus Christ.

I hope y’all have a great week!! Love and miss you a lot!!

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