Monday, May 16, 2016


Hey y'alll! 
I hope everyone had a great week! Things are going just fine out here in Africa! To be honest, I’m not feeling so good today. I’ve got some small sickness coming on. Hopefully it won’t be anything to bad.
 Anyway an update from this past week: it rained really hard one day right as we went out to proselyte. We actually go stuck under a small shop hiding from the rain! It went from about 11 to 3. But let me just say how amazing the cool breeze was! A big relief from the hot sun!  The locals say the weather will start cooling down now and we'll have more rain.
This past week we didn’t have very many lessons but did have a great opportunity to attend the Temple with our recent converts. It was so relaxing and was such a great day! I had the chance to actually do the confirmations for some of the people there that day. It’s definitely a goal to attend the temple every month with a recent convert!
You remember Lawrence?? We were teaching him a while back but left to Cape Coast for break. Well he’s back and we're preparing him for baptism!!
Speaking of baptism, Kwesie Aggrey was finally baptized in the Kojo Bedu ward this past Sunday. I guess they got permission from the wife to be baptized. So that feels like a big pile of rocks was lifted off our shoulders.
So yeah, not doing so good right now so I’m gonna cut it a little short today!
Love and miss y’all so much!
Keep your heads up because everything will work out in the end!

Elder Morris

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